Nudge poem by Tingyu Liu, c. 2017. photograph c.2019 JanGodownAnnino all rights reserved

The poem above, titled “a moment, ” is by Tingyu Liu. It  begins


“a moment

 this morning I caught

your breath beneath my ribs

and relearned how to breathe…”


Here is a link to the rest of the sidewalk poem, several poems along the list.

I snapped the image on a fast walk in the Boston area back in May;  poem makers are encouraged to send in their works in some communities! Yours? How about that for a nudge? Your poem on a sidewalk!

I have to ask.

Would your poem be concrete?

If your village or city offers a similar program, I’d like to know. It sounds like a form of poem-publishing (is etching on a sidewalk, publishing?) that would be wonderful to experience. I would advocate it especially for young poets.


I’m published!

Next time here at Bookseedstudio, I expect to have original poetry to share again. Today I do my offer original words in prose, as published under my byline in Florida’s Capitol city newspaper.

My hubby & I observe a ritual of retrieving the paper

from the end of our drive every morning.

Do you? What is it named? (The paper – but if you name your drive, say so, too!)

One in our state (Florida) was once called the Playground Daily News. 

Ours is the Tallahassee Democrat.  We love this newspaper for many reasons.


A big glimmer about the paper for us is that bringing it in,

to read with morning tea or coffee,

sends me schlepping outside in the morning dark to

commune with the setting moon and even to visit planets and stars.  Are you outside at those hours,

collecting a newspaper, too?

Before my book-writing days, I met deadlines at this newspaper. And it remains dear dear dear, to me.


Sept, 7, 2019 Tallahassee Democrat “Window on an empire” Jan Godown Annino

Sept. 7, 2019 Tallahassee Democrat Ottoman exhibit article

Goodness & Light to  Poetry Friday & Spiritual Thursday writers & readers.





21 responses to “Nudge”

  1. Just found this “nudge” post. I love the idea of poetry in concrete. Our city has some and you’ve nudged me to learn more about it.
    We still get a local paper and the NYT. Our local paper continues to get smaller and smaller. I’m so afraid it will disappear someday.

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    • Hi dear Ramona, You cheer me with your support of local traditional newspapers AND the fabulous NYT. I’ve been fortunate to work with talents who went on to great careers there in editing – business pages & culture pages. And I hope you are able to get out to see your city’s poems in concrete. If you learn more about it, remember me. I’m interested in pulling together info to see how best to approach this in our North Florida world.


    • hi dear Janet! Am honored for your visit here 🙂 I am your fan.
      You are reminding me of another post to make. I snapped a photo from summer travels, of a newspaper page in a big city of UK, which regularly publishes reader poems. Will try to nudge folks here, about these possibilities….


  2. I was just in Nashville, and they had quotes from famous thinkers on subjects such as wisdom embedded in the pavement, the letters in bronze. It made the truths somehow truthier–then there were the quotes from country music stars cast into the walls of buildings. How wonderful to see human thoughts incorporated into architecture.


  3. I love the idea of writing poems in chalk on the sidewalk. I’m thinking I might be inspired to try it sometimes. I may opt for begging for forgiveness rather than asking permission. Congratulations on the publication news.

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    • Oh dear Kay, please know your idea brings back memories. When our gal was little, she participated in our Downtown Market’s sidewalk chalk contests.

      I hope many places would grant you their concrete canvas. And a community park shouldn’t even require that…. methinks. Fun!


  4. I like them all. They were all wonderful and interesting in different ways. How cool to come across them while walking. I like that moment of getting the paper in the morning too. It’s good to get out of the house early before the morning hustle has really begun.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Appreciations for your enthusiasm, Liz.

      I’m already revving the neurons for how to bring this close to home.

      I have your same experience around P.F. about my comments sometimes seeming to evaporate! So then I leave it 2x.I tried double-time to leave something at Poetry for Children, the great hosts & will return there to perservere. Also experienced this at another site, but I did make it “stick.”

      To my way of thinking, it’s all smoke & mirrors plus spit & polish & some kind of miracles when these pixels & digital taps communicate as well as they do.

      Appreciations again for your sticking with me!


  5. Sidewalk poetry what fun–I think it ought to spread everywhere… congrats on your published piece! I enjoy hearing when Newspapers are still around and being read, thanks Jan.

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  6. Fun to hear of your publication in that newspaper special to you, Jan. I do not know of any ‘sidewalk’ poetry here in Denver and I only go out in the am dark on Sundays, Jan, for the NY Times, no more daily paper! It is a quiet & lovely time as you wrote.

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    • Dear Linda – You are reading one of The Best! We were longtime subscribers to the paper NYT. And previously I shared a paper subscription with a pal to the Washington Post. So many great big city papers are such wonderful windows into accomplishments & new things I didn’t know existed. Today I have the Reuters & BBC apps on my phone. But the extra special paper is that local one 🙂 Thank you so much for visiting. I am late taking a trip around the Poetry Friday stations & do look forward to the journey this week.


  7. Oh, my goodness….I literally just hit “send” on an e-mail of thanks to you and in pops this blog post to my mailbox. The electrons between our computers were definitely zinging and pinging each other. Hooray for publication! Can’t wait to hear. Good job, Jan!

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    • Tee hee.
      Fun about the wizardry.
      It’s true I’m published – in our local paper, which as I’ve mentioned is very dear to me. Thank you for the congratulations. We’ve had some fun about this around here, today 🙂


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