March 8 Poetry Friday at Bookseedstudio

Hello kind readers –  Poetry Friday is here.

This short link goes to

*my sad cat post* this week – a short short original poem, there.

I also have a short link to

*my happy book post* this week, on another blog, with a give-away.

Please visit/comment over there – poet Georgia Heard involved!

Next week I expect to be back with

an International Women’s Day celebration,

so fabulous.

6 thoughts on “March 8 Poetry Friday at Bookseedstudio

  1. Many condolences. Remembering how brief their lives are makes me doubly grateful for the giant orange fluff ball at my side on the couch. (He really wanted to be ON the computer ON my lap, but we had to compromise. He’s sleeping it off.)


    • Hi Mary Lee, Wish you could see the smile on my face, from this vignette of your dear giant orange furball. Never forget to tell him how very special he is. Many appreciations for your visit & good words.


  2. Dear, dear, dear Jan. I am just getting home from my week. I told my family, “I’m too tired to be civil.” and, they went me to bed. Isn’t that wonderful? I have this beautiful box on my kitchen counter from Florida. I’m going to open it on Sunday….after my conference tomorrow. I love being remembered by you. It’s a blessing and a treat every time.
    I’m so sorry you’ve had to lay your Ginger cat to rest. It is so, sad and such a difficult thing to do. Our pup who is 11 y.o. is showing signs of severe slow down. Every day I give her love and tell her I’ll go the distance with her. She’s been such a friend for years. I love your description of purring partner. Cats have a wonderful comfort to give with that purr.
    And, wow! Great review of Georgia Heard’s newest book. You’re a busy girl.


  3. Ginger at the sun-kissed window, one who will hold your thoughts forever. I’m sorry for your loss, Jan. There is never enough time for our pets it seems.


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