Ginger the cat

Ginger, the cat, in action . . .

“office clerk” c. 2007


“book reviewer” c. 2011
Ginger’s favorite story


“building inspector” c. 2009

* * * *

at sun-kissed window

waiting in wide-armed writing chair

for his pounce

* * * *

Losing a family pet is part of living with animals.

Many of you have eloquently expressed a similar

loss, which I would like to be reminded about if you

have a moment.  When it happened to me recently,

I was not expecting to be smacked off my feet.

Our Ginger cat, indoors-always for at least

12 years, was at age 17, feeling quite elderly.

So we knew we would be losing him. We were not

prepared for the sudden, unplanned, necessary

good-bye. It was challenging for us, massively

more difficult for him. I am grateful for our animal ER

open in the middle of the night & my husband, who saw me

through that & still eases me in this palpable absence

of my daily purring partner. We buried Ginger on a recent

brisk sunny morning at a high point of our back yard,

by whispering bamboo.

I am finding relief in poet Alvin Greenberg’s

WHY WE LIVE WITH ANIMALS (Coffee House Press.)

The words I scraped out above are thanks to

Laura Purdie Salas, whose book

CATCHING OUR BREATH, Writing Poignant Poetry,

(Capstone Press)

nourishes me.



16 responses to “Ginger the cat”

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about Ginger. Those cats just pad right into your heart, don’t they? We had to put down our two cats (18 and 16) in two days about a year ago. It’s so terribly difficult a decision to make and I still miss them both. I’m thinking of you.


    • Oh, gosh, I don’t know how you endured those losses & likely, still listen for their purrs. But so many years of joy & feline festivity. Thank you so much for these kind words.


  2. Ginger looks to have been very present for all your daily activities…no wonder there will be so many opportunities to miss him. We had two cats who passed at 17 (and one who died of a heart defect before she turned 1). You have my sympathies and heartfelt hugs!


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