Hello. I’m Jan Godown Annino & I’ve worked as a journalist, a tutor and as a travel guide writer. I’ve published the award-winning, multicultural title, She Sang Promise: The Story of Betty Mae Jumper, with artwork from Lisa Desimini and a letter to readers from Moses Jumper, Jr. This story was created in collaboration with the Seminole Tribe of Florida. Among good reviews &
notable list placement, it is a 2015 U.S. Library of Congress Great Read for Kids & has this Kirkus mention.

Library of Congress, appreciations for the ONE of 52 GREAT READS designation.

Library of Congress, appreciations for the ONE of 52 GREAT READS designation.

Contact: JGAoffice at Twitter @BkSeedStudio (case sensitive)

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Small bio


Jan Annino, youngest of three siblings, grew up across from a stinky
dairy, but alongside forest violets carpeting the woods next door.
Her parents’wild storytelling fueled a love of make-believe. Rooted
in family tradition, she became a third-gen. career newshound.
She also liked the odd job – employment desk, adv. clerk, nursery
school staffer & college tutor. Her three adult books are nonfiction,
including a shunpikers’ Florida guide rewarded with a 3rd edition.
Jan’s children’s book, SHE SANG PROMISE, illustrated by Lisa Desimini,
won the Florida Book Award & top ALA, National Council of the Social Studies
& Reading Rockets recognition. Her poetry is anthologized & Jan writes picture books,
novels & nonfiction in North Florida, where her family is safe from a python squeeze,
but not from the biting Aedes aegypti.

Jan’s picture book collaboration with Moses Jumper Jr. and Lisa Desimini, about the 1960s Tribal leader, Betty Mae Tiger Jumper, in SHE SANG PROMISE (National Geographic/hardbound; Scholastic Teachers, softbound) is the gold medal winner of the Florida Book Awards & an ALA/Amelia Bloomer Ten pick. Jan met Betty Mae Tiger Jumper on a newspaper assignment & their continuing connection led to the book, which BMTJ authorized Jan to write. Although a picture book, it addresses challenging topics, such as death threats, Betty Mae’s alligator-wrestling days & discrimination.

KIRKUS: “Short poetic stanzas join jewel-toned illustrations to sing the satisfying story of Betty Mae Tiger Jumper. “

For added info,  on Jan’s books. Jan’s visit is lively presentation for students or adults. Some questions about visits are answered on this page.  Adults writing for children & also writing non-fiction & memoirs, can work with Jan as their coach.

Jan’s poetry is published in a well-regarded Milkweed Editions anthology series for young readers, Stories From Where We Live: a Literary Field Guide. She is also published in the Journal of Florida Literature. 

School visit: $300 plus travel costs for 3-4, 45 minute presentations in the library. Together we determine which parts of the story of Betty Mae Jumper fit your young readers’ topics. Jan’s visit can include a poetry or memoir exercise, student interviews and snacks (lunch) with Jan.  Book signing time is fun, too. A half-hour alligators presentation, with a group song, is for pre-K & K & is a mighty fine fit, as the back cover of the book shows Betty Mae Jumper as she wrestled an alligator, one of her many jobs. Skype visits – up to 3 classes, in the library. One hour, $60. Send Jan an email (JGAoffice @ gmail) without attachments & with contact phone #s, important details about event/your school/you.  Thank you for being in touch!

More bio/ Q & A with Jan

WHERE DID YOU GROW UP? On Blueberry Hill, just a little bit outside the crossroads at Cherryville.  Blueberry Hill is also near Quakertown, and Clinton, all in beautiful, rural New Jersey. There were no alligators around, but my Mom told a great personal alligator story.

WHAT WAS YOUR CHILDHOOD LIKE? Our house was tiny and it wasn’t all finished yet;  we had an extra outdoors bathroom, a wooden outhouse. There was lots of time to roam around in the giant yard, trimmed in big blueberry bushes, shaded with a long grape arbor.   In back the land sloped to a dairy pasture and faced a deep woods on one side.  Across the road a large family dairy with friendly neighbors held other farm animals, too. I loved attending our red brick school-house and other mighty fine public schools, including, after my father retired to Sarasota, the University of Florida.


WHAT WAS YOUR FAMILY LIKE? Any brothers or sisters?    One of each, both older. My father had his own automobile repair garage in Trenton, New Jersey. He told me a story about fixing Albert Einstein’s car! Then Dad worked as a state vehicle safety inspector and later he was an ombudsman for the program. An ombudsman is someone who listens to problems and then settles them.  My mother came from a large Irish family where she enjoyed rollicking good times with her busy siblings. She worked from home as a news writer when she began a family, and before that, she she worked as a daily news reporter in the suburban New York City region.

HOW DID YOU GET INTERESTED IN WRITING? My father spun great stories because of his work as a child, on a farm.  My mother was his equal as a storyteller, but she liked theatrical expressions. Her aunt, Betty Gray, had been a silent screen actress.  Mom also loved to recite verses such as silly poems by Edward Lear and ballad poetry.  Mom, my uncle and my great-aunt all wrote for newspapers.  I occupied myself in small-town newspaper offices by doodling on a long roll of newsprint. DSCN0953 WHAT ARE YOUR HOBBIES? Reading books to children in school. Taking long walks with my family. Visiting exciting cities to see great museums and parks. Discovering villages near country paths. Writing verse, doodling, accumulating collections, such as already empty shells from beach walks. Collecting postcards from around the world. Eating our daughter’s bakery treats. DSCN3880Taking pictures of odd signs along roads, and stunning close-ups, in nature.





WHAT JOBS HAVE YOU HAD? Nursery school staff,  camp kitchen dish-washer, day camp counselor. classified advertising clerk, employment office clerk, college tutor, writing workshop leader, travel guide writer, and also, a long career as a newspaper writer/editor.

HAVE YOU HAD ANY UNUSUAL EXPERIENCES?  Yes,  counting eagle nests from a helicopter, holding a newborn Florida panther kitten, speaking with President Jimmy Carter, interviewing two convicted murderers and, riding a horse to look for buffalo in a Florida wet prairie. (My travel guides, Scenic Driving Florida shares the unlikely story of how buffalo once roamed here in Florida.

Where I live! North Florida.

Where I live! North Florida.

DO YOU HAVE ANIMALS? The current finicky feline is Ginger, in a long line of beloved cats. We also keep a beautiful corn snake, native to Florida, Ruby. After many, many years, we lost our long-lived aquarium resident, Fish. We put out ears of corn for our many squirrels, to entertain the housebound Ginger.

ARE YOU A MOTHER? Yes, I live in North Florida with my wonderful husband, a civil rights and public interest lawyer. Our daughter is fabulous &  is our best family cook. But my Key Lime Pie does disappear & my hubby cooks authentic Italian.


Betty Mae Jumper is an especially good fit for Women’s History Month presentations.  Mrs. Jumper wrestled alligators & did much more to secure her place in history. She survived death threats as a child and began kindergarten at middle-school age. She said her greatest achievement was obtaining an education. She was the first woman elected a leader of her Tribe.  Jan knew Mrs. Jumper for 20 years before she wrote a book about her. Mrs. Jumper is featured the Florida Women’s Hall of Fame, among many other lifetime honors.

Quoted, about Jan’s books… “…her writing is superb. There is a poetry to her words…”  SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL An evaluation of  Jan’s events: “In her presentation to our fourth and fifth graders at Sealey Elementary, Ms. Jan brings to life the important history story of the first woman elected leader of the Seminole Tribe of Florida, Betty Mae Tiger Jumper.  The children are fascinated to see the artifacts Jan shares as well as the fact that we are in Tallahassee with a school that as the Seminole name (FSU) .  They are delighted to learn more about Florida and the rich culture of our Native American tribes.  The children also learn from her enthusiastic encouragement, about non-fiction research and writing as she shares how she wrote the book.  I wish she had the opportunity to present her book, “She Sang Promise,” from the National Geographic Society, more often.  She is truly an asset to our educational program at Sealey and will continue to be invited to share her knowledge with our students. Lenita Joe Library Media Specialist ………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Honors for SHE SANG PROMISE include: Amelia Bloomer Project Top Ten Book/ALA Florida Book Awards, gold medal, children’s literature   National Council on the Social Studies list of top books for young readers   New York Public Library’s 100 Titles for Reading and Sharing …………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Because Jan has written Florida heritage travel guides & worked as a community newspaper reporter for most of her career she is an ideal presenter to students on real-life research & writing tips. DSCN0383

Program titles –


Jan brings a Seminole patchwork cloth bag of artifacts to help illustrate Mrs. Jumper’s amazing world.  As children pull items out of the bag, they discover what life would be like for a child in the 1920s, living primarily outdoors.

Teachers can receive a list of resources, including recommended reading that is tilted toward materials created by members of various Tribes, in the U.S. & Canada.  This presentation can also include colorful slides, if your site provides the projection technology for Jan’s USB device.

Arrange in advance with your school art department for a  craft project  to connect to the presentation. This can include making bookmarks that celebrate Seminole Tribe of Florida patchwork, or starting on individual model chickees, or one larger model chickee, for the group. For ideas, see the for Teachers and Families page. Building or Seminole patchwork also provide an opportunity for connectivity to math concepts.


She Sang Promise begins with a poem. Students learn some fun ways to build a poem. NON-FICTION Jan provides interview tips so a student can help a relative write a memoir or autobiography.  Ideas on how a student can begin their own memoir. Writing non-fiction in school can lead to your life’s work, as it did for Jan who began publishing in middle grade for her school newspaper. How to write articles &  reviews (food, movies, games, books). Tips on writing biography. 

Jan attends book fairs, author days, & literacy celebrations.


FOR the youngest folks Jan visits through organized reading and literacy programs such as BookPALS, with her pal Book Bear, a shy one who reads tiny books in his sleeping bag, while Jan reads to students.   


Jan's image taken at Downtown Books & Purl sign, historic Apalachicola, Florida

Jan’s image taken at Downtown Books & Purl sign, historic Apalachicola, Florida

Also – Florida Humanities Council Florida Memory/ Resources for History Fair  Storytelling Magazine – this publication is a valued resource and it published Jan’s pieces about Betty Mae Jumper and Jane Yolen Students who send paper mail with a self-addressed, stamped envelope, will receive a reply: Ms. Jan PO Box 14143 Tallahassee FL 32317-4143

Good company, Chief cultural officer, first lady, yours truly at Florida Governor's Mansion.

Good company, Chief cultural officer, first lady, yours truly at Florida Governor’s Mansion.


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