2018 April Poetry Month Progressive Poem – day 5

Glad sunrise to you on April 5th, this 5th day of National Poetry Month, 2018/USA!


The Kidlitosphere poem-in-progress 2018 sprouts here this moment,
a day-by-day bud of felt beauty. It unfolded last weekend
while I rose for an Atlantic sunrise. The butter water
reflection wrapped me in morning meditations before
driving home from being with heart-love Elders,
(with no cottage WiFi)
on the other side of our state.
I carry this heart tug into today’s visit with
the boundless creativity of my poetry pals:

2018 April Poetry Month Progressive Poem

Nestled in her cozy bed, a seed stretched.
Oh, what wonderful dreams she had had!
Blooming in midnight moonlight, dancing with
the pulse of a thousand stars, sweet Jasmine 

invented a game.


We invite you to dream with these lines!
And also, to conjure: Where may these words wander from here?
Tomorrow, a new line is due to pop up from the fertile lake territory of Irene Latham,
instigator of this once-a-year collaborative of writing creativity,
who is sweet-with-moxie poetry pal to us all.

To think on a Progressive Poem process question from Irene,
about a catalyst/origin of each of our lines,
here’s how I reacted on when I saw the important first-line opening from Liz:

Nestled in her cozy bed, a seed stretched

I love thinking about this little package planted in her bed. And thinking: what bed? The earthy dirt like in our yard here, where we’ve just put in the basil seeds? Or a big big patio pot? Or in a hothouse greenhouse in Alaska?

I’m a constant internal line rhymer so also a list:
seed: bead, heed, lead, need, plead
& bed – led, wed, said, dead

Then, looking at Michelle’s line, naming our seed,
immediately that line
sent me a vision.
A Jasmine girl character,
wafting up in pantaloons out of a
fragrant full-flowering vine
with a most mischievous look in her eyes
& I knew she was an inventor. I knew in that instant that s
weet Jasmine

invented a game.

Invents, or invented?
Took my cue from that great first line…stretched.
So what say you, dear Irene?
I would like to know NOW (6 PM-ish Wed.)
But I will wait to the Friday morn when you are on stage.
Irene need not keep my mind-image. I didn’t write
that into the poem; that picture brought me into the line.
Jasmine may very well be yet a seed about to undergo
an under-dirt metamorphosis. Her game could be something
she invents in a dream, or that is/was taught to her… how? why?
Or… who knows? This is the jolly nature of our
one-a-day-writer go-go juicy juice.
It could be scary
to hand off the next day’s duty
to 2018 Progressive Poem’s idea-creator, except
for the knowing that we are all one heart in this.
Irene will clothe this poem ever-unexpectedly,
with love & beauty. And perhaps with a dollop of her signature

Now some more appreciations also, with a
sprinkle of the choicest rich organic poem-starter on top,
to the brave beginners:


I love their heart handiwork in this verse garden.
And still more smiles to Irene for setting
us on our way with the first PP & adding new ideas, foretold recently with Heidi,
in sharing process, with this, the latest.


Please visit us all the poem grow days, until sweet Doriane in my sister state,
Georgia, sings us home.
And a reference note for all you dedicated researchers,
garden journalists,
& curious poem-makers,
yes, we can grow jasmine vine from seed. And of course, we can
grow anything, any which way we want, in
the pleasure of poetry.


After Easter I arrived home at our little yellow cottage,
tucked under a grandmother live oak tree,
30-40 minutes close to the gulf shore, five hours from the Atlantic,
into a whirl of wanted work,
plus a warbling once-in-a-lifetime song workshop & then
& a differently great biz dinner for my hubby.
Now I catch up. And if you look in the Poetry Friday universe for Spiritual Thursday,
– that’s today! – I am so pleased to say it is kindly collected at the Carol V. Home page.


For great links to all 2018 Progressive Poem Contributors.
I am primed to visit all the Progressive Poem days’ yet-unknown, lines.
And also, I want to visit the many Poetry Month Projects beyond the Progressive Poem which aretastily presented at our own Jama’s Alphabet Soup.  My Poetry Month project is to catch up on my big heart project, the history-set verse novel & to present fun, young-age performance poetry this month, promised here at the bottom of SNOWBALL.

34 thoughts on “2018 April Poetry Month Progressive Poem – day 5

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  2. today we are posting, with many appreciations to creative April Halprin Wayland a comment from her, with apologies for our comment queue being sluggish, on strike or otherwise, not accommodating.

    Hi, Jan! I couldn’t seem to post my comment on your April 5th Progressive Poem post…
    So…here’s my comment:

    I love-Love-LOVE your line–it’s simplicity, promise, and offer of opportunities for those of us in the distant future of this growing poem. Thank you, Jan!


    ​I am only one, / But still I am one. / I cannot do everything​, / But still I can do something; / And because I cannot do everything, / I will not refuse to do the something that I can do. ~ Edward Everett Hale (click on quote)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Glad you are here Sarah Grace. So excited for your book, HIDDN CITY.
      Eager to see you line. And I am winding my way to your line today,
      but having some url kerfuffle (likely on my end) when I go to sarahgracetuttle.com


  3. I am late to the party but oh, what fun! I adore “invented a game”! We have taken a playful turn, and you have passed on something lovely and full of joyful possibility!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello poem-starter player!
      Jane, you helped put so much lyrical action into the still-short life of our little kernel!
      I am questioning with you: is there such as thing as plant hopscotch, or a braiding game?
      My mind is racing with possibilities, but my line time is past.

      I love how April 6 (today) caught the short bit from yesterday & scented the air all the way to the Moon.
      Now, onto Linda B. & Saturday, Day 7.


    • Kiesha! Hallooooo, way out there on the riidge in Texas.
      Many appreciations.
      It is so fabulous to welcome you to your 1st Progressive Poem Party Participation.
      I’ll come looking for your #25, live!
      hugs, Jan


    • Yay! for funzies, dear Heidi.
      Love your alliterative,
      “putting play pulsingly”
      Thank you for the insightful conversation you staged with Irene to get us primed for this year’s romp.
      Now we are wondering about your April 14 – it will be some kind of beautiful, I know.


  4. A name and a game! Sweet! But what game? And will there still be a game by day 15, or will we be somewhere else entirely by then? Will Jasmine be a seed or a girl or can there be another way to play this game?

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are the cool one with the questions, you Day Fifteen Ring Leader, Donna! Who does know what future twines, for our sweet Jasmine? There are many days, many ways to play this poem. And so fun to anticipate more surprises.
      Will see you on the 15th!


  5. I read it quickly this morning, then was out the door to the bookstore. I’ve thought about it all day because I have my line after Irene’s. Three words, after Michelle’s, creates that Jasmine, opens up a world that probably never occurred to anyone. Well done, Jan. Here we go for the children!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Inventing a game! What a very childlike thing for a creative young girl to do. Something I imagine YOU did quite frequently… something I imagine you STILL do, especially when visiting classrooms. A surprising but delightful turn, Jan. (Love the sweet photo, BTW!)

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Brava, Dearest Jan. Of course, BookSEEDStudio would be such a welcome landing spot for this year’s adventure… Can’t wait to see what Irene does. (Irene? Impish? Never…. ;0) )

    I will try to start visiting Spritual Thursday soon… such a lovely group of folks and posts, and the fact that I’m always too busy to visit means I need to visit. Love your affirmation for Progressive Poem-ers, “we are all one heart in this” – Yes!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi dear Robyn, Here, very twitchy itchy to read the April 6th line from Irene. And of course, yours on April 21 will be SomeFun.
      Appreciations for your visit any old time, you busy Haiku Queen!


    • hi there artist/author michelle. will be looking for your day 19!

      appreciations for your dreaming of possibilities & seeing wonder.

      i am taking your good wishes for the verse novel along with me to a long writing session.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Jan, with your line you have wonderfully opened doors for Jasmine to sweetly fragrant her way. I must admit that I was totally surprised but do see your line of thinking and note that this was a well-executed move. Thank you for also adding that today is Spiritual Journey first Thursday. I do hope you join in!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello dear Carol & a Happy Poetry Month to you, who have planned so many great things for it.
      (Including your day 12 at this Progressive Poem…)

      Thank you for mentioning Spiritual Thursday & for hosting.
      I expect to be there this month.

      Appreciations for your kind words


  9. Wow! Just three words, but you did so much! You slowed us to a full stop, but also opened lots of doors, giving us another important hint about our character.

    Liked by 1 person

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