Snowball in March

Spring springs in Florida,
lemons bud fancy.
Snow falls in New York.
Makes me feel antsy.
I stepped it in, sloshed it,
finally mashed it.
Snowball in March?
Love to laugh at it.


c.2018 Snow ball in March, NYC, Pier 15

c.2018 NYC
Cobbled streets,
lonely snow

Back at work here after visiting our college gal during a break from
revising my history-set verse novel, completed
in December, in d r a f t.
Walking cobbled streets past 1800s buildings & piles of snow in
Lower Manhattan inspired notebook jottings for the novel. And made me think of THE NEW COLOSSUS poet Emma Lazarus.

She (along with many I crave to know more about, such as Galway Kinnell) happens to be featured in a new March 28 to May 2 poem series airing many places in time for a keen
POETRY MONTH APRIL – surely warmer, then-
public T.V.
show launched from those creatives at WGBH, Boston

c. 2018 North Florida
Lemonade, pre-squeeze

Here with our citrus perfume blooms,
it’s time for me to marvel at the silly thoughts in picture books & poems, of Alan Katz, Ame Dyckman, Dennis Lee, Douglas Florian, Lisa Loeb, Jon Scieszka,
Kenn Nesbitt, Rebecca Kai Doltish, Shel Silverstein & the like.

SNOWBALL by Shel Silverstein

I made myself a snowball
as perfect as could be.
I thought I’d keep it as a pet
and let it sleep with me…

(enjoy the rest of SNOWBALL by Shel Silverstein & classroom fun with FIRSTGRADEWOW.)

I’m pulling out silly verses
(accepting recommendations)
to prepare for a presentation on poetry,
staged in a big park’s tent,
right next to a noisy popular playground,
at a great book festival,
Word of South.
A perk for me is that Poetry Friday pal, pied piper Irene Latham
will appear at Word of South at a different time,
so I can catch her mojo LIVE.

March clothing!

March 2018
Dressed for Winter Walking

18 thoughts on “SNOWBALL

  1. What a delightful lift on a heavy, dreary day. Fun snow poem. Reminds me of “The More it Snows” by A.A. Milne…Tiddely-Pom…


  2. I didn’t think it was possible, but you made me laugh about snow! Glad you had such a fun trip to the city. Thank you for the photo of the lemon blossoms. It’s reassuring to know it’s spring somewhere!


  3. Your post just hums with positive energy! I love the pictures of you in NY and your zestful appreciation of the absurdity of March snowballs. Word of South sounds wonderful–how fun that you and Irene will be together. Finally, congrats on your draft. Wow! So much to celebrate!


  4. We’ve got some of those March snowballs here in Indiana. In fact, we’ve had more snow the first week of spring than we did all winter. I enjoyed your silly verses today!


  5. Love the pic of you with snowball! And yay for note jotting and daughter-time and the upcoming festival… VERY excited to see you, my rose-dear! xo


  6. What a fun post! Have a great time meeting Irene in person! She is so lovely, and a great speaker. I love your snowball poem. I grew up in Florida and have lived my whole adult life in Minnesota, so I get the shock. (I adore snow–one reason we moved north.)


  7. It looks like quite an adventure since you also posted that “pre-squeeze” that you are more kin to, Jan. Your life sounds full, hope you find many funny poems for the coming venture. How nice to be able to see Irene! Thanks for your delightful poem, too!


  8. OH, I love the photos of you in NYC. Your cheerful inner child is delightful….and more so with a fist full of words to play with. I want to come have fun in NYC with you…..or, maybe Florida with the lemons budding fancy. Either is good.


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