8 July 2022 Poetry Friday

What have you’ve created for us to enjoy? In comments, please leave your name/blog name, a word about your topic if you like & important Poetry Friday URL link.

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My own PF blog with 2 sijo poems is right here if you have time to visit. ~ Jan

I snapped images of poetry lines [submitted by library patrons] that transformed stairs into an art presentation at the main Cambridge, MA library across the Charles River from Boston, where I attended Dana-Farber intense medical visits, summer of 2021. That crew still keeps me connected long-distance with an integrative med. care team that dances, practices yoga, mindful meditation & more ~ a groovy go-to group. Writing pals are a poetic part of my spirit team ~ take a bow.

Here’s a Spring 2022 weekend moment, after a long Atlantic shore hike near JAX with MainCheerLeader handsome hubby O’ mine & moi. He lifts me up phenomenally in my cancer journey.

This post went up & out early for those who may be helped by prior-posting. It’s summer! You’ve got berries to pick, waterfalls to walk to, air-cooled art museums to retreat into & vacation bookstores to visit. If for some Tech- Muggles reason, [likely on this Muggle’s side o’ things] you find that your post-note left in comments below does an Evanesco disappearing act , send info the way you already reach me, or on twitter or instagram via private msg. I’ll add it to comments. Appreciations.

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To enjoy last week’s PF events, please see SALT CITY VERSE. For next week be sure to tune into UNEXPECTED INTERSECTIONS.

Happy summer! I’ll be outside much, but checking online when I can.


©JGAnnino allrightsreserved [ Atlantic shore near Jacksonville]


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28 responses to “8 July 2022 Poetry Friday”

  1. I too sometimes find poetic forms to be constraining, but most of the time they are like a puzzle to me, and I love puzzles! So I love your description of poetic forms as “poetry play dates”!

    (And what a fascinating plant! I’ve never seen a shrimp plant before.

    My post was up on Friday but I’m late posting. My poem this week was inspired by all the snails I see on a near-daily basis. Thank you for hosting us this week.




  2. Jan, thank you for hosting! Somehow I didn’t know about your illness, but I’m glad to learn that you have plenty of support at home and abroad. I’m in the south of England right now, not posting today but trying to do a better job of reading around than I have the last few weeks. Hopping over to read your sijos now–be well wherever you are!


  3. Jan, I love your sijo poems. The first is my favorite because of your use of the word cerulean! Love that color word! Anyway, the post left me thankful you are doing well (sounds like it) and have a fantastic attitude. Hiking is a wonderful way to health, as I’m sure you know. Thanks for introducing me to this form! I love syllabic poetry! Take care – Carol


  4. Jan, I visited your post and left a comment. Sijos are a bit tricky to write. I have tried the form and need to keep working on it to get the twister just right. I am recalling my Fourth of July 2022 memories with digitized photos and a poem based on a mentor text. You can find my post at https://beyondliteracylink.blogspot.com/2022/07/fourth-of-july-2022-memories.html. Thanks for hosting Poetry Friday. The happy look on your faces in the photo is a wonderful sight.


  5. Love your post, and sijo’s there! Looks like you had a nice hike along the shore, your spirit is contagious, thanks for sharing it with us and hosting the roundup this week Jan! xox
    Here’s my Poetry blog info:
    Michelle Kogan
    I’m sharing some poem-prayers for the chaos of the last week,
    one created via an invite from leaves and wind…


  6. Why yes, I do…did have time to read your sijo post. I’m inclined to give it a try without the worry of stresses. I do love a good twist. But, my clever lever has to be in the right position! Thank you for hosting today. I am here for PF with a now annual Clunker Exchange! Take a line–leave a line. Let’s see if we can make each other’s poetry shine!


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