Leaf time

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The small book we picked up to read,

my husband and I, offers a poem

by Tony Hoagland. First I read the poem, which I think of as

the sunlight poem, out loud. And then my hubby

read it back to me.

It was a Thanksgiving Time night as we discovered

Tony Hoagland’s surprise idea, in this poem,

The Word.

It must have inhabited my soul. Because next day I

collected myself to leave a bag inside a

neighbor’s porch and I couldn’t move. I couldn’t move because

I saw anew everyday leaves on trees in our yard that were background for days. Now

they were in fact the autumn Sun come down to our little patch of Earth

We had read magic to each other from The Word, found in 

How to Love the World edited by James Crews and given to

me by a dear poetry pal, who I send leaves of sun to.

I found The Word online shared by a Maine Poet Laureate, Stuart Kestenbaum.

 I wish you poems that inhabit your soul & I wish you visits from Sun.

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READINGS – I didn’t wait for winter to start my season’s readings. Betwixt now and end of January I anticipate Alphabet of Angels/Nancy Willard words & images::::Father Christmas Letters/J.R.R.Tolkein:::: Marley’s Ghost/David Leviathan, illus Brian Selznick:::: Eight Knights of Hanukkah/ Leslie Kimmelman, illusGalia Bernstein:::: Miss Velma’s Compendium of Euphonious Carols [privately printed] Mole’s Christmas or Home Sweet Home/ Kenneth Grahame, illus Beverly Gooding/::::Robert’s Snowflakes, Artists’ Snowflakes for Cancer’s Cure/Grace Lin & Robert Mercer::::Shivering Babe, Victorious Lord, Nativity in Poetry and Art/Linda Ching Sledge::::Snowflake Sisters/J. Patrick Lewis & Lisa Desimini::::St. Nick and the Fir Tree/Nancy Adams. My list is usually longer but with joy I’ve gifted a few of my perennials, such as Among Angels by Nancy Willard & Jane Yolen.

****SCHEDULE – Outside every day= here infrequently.  I also post now & again on poetry

quite nearby over here. Thank you so much for visiting. I hope you can read

the poem I mention above & also dip into the collection it nests within.

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[Tulip Tree Yellow Pages – Bookseedstudio thanks you for respecting that

original JGAnnino images & writings are copyright protected ©] 

9 thoughts on “Leaf time

  1. Appreciations Jan for this inspiring post, I loved reading “The Word” reminding us that pleasure is important and worth accomplishing too, and “time and light are kinds of love.” Speaking of love, I love your tulip tree yellow pages, how enchanting, perhaps there are treasures within their lines… Wishing you well and Happiest of Holidays! xox


  2. Thank you for sharing The Word, Jan–oh how I love the thought of sunshine on a to-do list (Of course it’s not always available in Michigan in the winter, but the hound insists I go outside every day with or without sun.) I am glad you are spending outside time with sun and leaves!


    • I applaud dear Hound’s desire to keep you active 🙂 Sun is There but inscrutably Invisible when not brilliantly ray-blasting. Appreciations for your visit here & kind words.

      Happy Full Moon & Solstice times, too.


  3. What a delight to read your post and “hear” that wonderful Jan spirit coming through. The poem is a beauty and a well-timed nudge. I love Linda’s coined term “Jan-joy.” Such a real thing–both beautiful and inspiring. You are a light in this world, Jan. I wish you all that is best and think of you often.


    • I miss the frequency of often seeing the creative images & also reading poems shared by you & our group-others but look forward to them in this OnlineLibrary of PoetryFriday.

      O, what a sweet unexpected moment you experienced at the check-out counter, with the cancer patient who shared Joy. [Nixing the Comfort Zone, Dec. 7, 2021] Thank you for writing that post. These weeks of December are special times, for extra kindness & creativity, as she demonstrated.

      Much Joy to you & your Family in your beautiful MaineWorld, with your enthusiasm for the students & wishes for a lovely WinterBreak soon.

      And perhaps Santa will bring you “Trouble!”


  4. Lovely, Jan! Glad you are feeling better. And I’m impressed with how much you read! I read Tony Hoagland’s poem. So beautiful! All of it but especially the last stanza. So happy that you get outside every day. Keep it up!

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  5. What a beautiful post brimming with Jan-joy as I have come to call your way of sharing beauty with the rest of us slogging along and forgetting to smile. I love how the leaves caught you and held you. I’ll be looking for that moment in my day. xo

    Liked by 1 person

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