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IF your heart skips a beat at this Naomi Shihab Nye poet line ping: “A peony has been trying to get through to you” OR if your family knows to stop and appreciate a field blessed by the color purple, as Alice Walker beautifully wrote, THEN your picture book collection will cosy up to ONCE UPON ANOTHER TIME, new contribution to poem stories, beautifully told. (Beaming Books, Minneapolis.)

            “Feel the wind/ upon your skin. Imagine where/ that wind has been.” poem lines copyright by Charles Ghigna and Matt Forrest Esenwine, allrightsreserved Once Upon Another Time, illustrated by Andres F. Landazabal.

This book of natural world, Past, contrasted with the world, Present, made me sing. The new-to-me multi-genre artist, Andres F. Landazabal, working in South America from Armenia, Columbia, creates moments on the page that inspired me to abandon my desk, grab family and meander at a meadow we love. Right now! Impossible at that moment, but it figured in why my hubby & I spent an uninterrupted three hours wandering on connected nature trails this past weekend. And ONCE UPON ANOTHER TIME promises more. The artist’s exquisite pastel pages matched to the authors’ words help me ponder the ways Planet Earth has changed with human progress & intervention. The authors and artist prickle my sensibility to think of celebrations and help, to further preserve what’s at my part of the planet~~ gopher tortoise hills, manatee springs, turkey woods, anhinga roosting swamps, so they can’t be paved, glassed or picked over.  This Earth poem by Charles Ghigna [Father Goose to many!] and Matt Forrest Esenwine [author of my favorite evening hours p.b. FLASHLIGHT NIGHT] cues a love of what remains of Nature on Earth. The potent part of this is how the story prompts me to ask what good actions I can begin, or continue, without ever suggesting this in a didactic way. The scenes and imagery in words touch my heart to consider this on my own. This book will be an excellent compliment for many sweet areas of student interest including: animal friends, backyard, city/town, geography, sky, fields, forest, mountains, nature, lyrical language and poetry. Applause! Applause! JGAnnino/Bookseedstudio

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The mood of ONCE UPON ANOTHER TIME lives at a nearby springs, where I snapped this image as if from another epoch. Question: What is your place to “imagine where/ that wind has been” as ONCE UPON ANOTHER TIME evokes? Leave a comment below [moderated] that shares one place, or a few ~ by the end of MONDAY March 8. Beaming Books will provide a copy to one Bookseedstudio poster. Or you may comment but opt out for the give-away. Or leave a less-detailed comment and still opt-in. Provide contact info if I don’t know you. I”ll alert the lucky ONCE UPON ANOTHER TIME recipient after March 8. This book launch began Feb. 25 with a blog from Ellen Leventhal. It’s a great interview! Go, enjoy.

Below please find the rest of the tour links. And keep going for the moderated comment box. Appreciations for your visit. And first ~~ links to our gracious #PoetryFriday host this week & all through March. Go see them soon.

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“WakullaSprings, Once and Now”copyright JGAnnino allrightsreserved© ONCE UPON ANOTHER TIME” BLOG TOUR:
2/25:      Ellen Leventhal:  https://www.ellenleventhal.com/#blog
2/26:      Michelle Knott: http://mrsknottsbooknook.blogspot.com/
3/1:        Maria Marshall: https://www.mariacmarshall.com/blog
3/2:        Matt Forrest Esenwine: https://mattforrest.wordpress.com 
3/3:        Jan Godown Annino at Bookseed Studio: https://bookseedstudio.wordpress.com/
3/4:        Celebrate Picture Books: https://celebratepicturebooks.com/ ( giveaway on 3/5)
3/5:        Maria Marshall #PPBF (Perfect Picture Book Friday): https://www.mariacmarshall.com/blog
3/5:        KidLit411 – Charles Ghigna interview http://www.kidlit411.com/
3/10:      Melissa Stoller: https://www.melissastoller.com/blog
3/16:      Kellee Moye at Unleashing Readers: http://www.unleashingreaders.com/
5/5:        Andrew Hackett https://www.andrewhacket.com/blog


Book Bun-Bun picks a recipient of ONCE UPON ANOTHER TIME! Fran Haley, congratulations! Please send your mailing address.

20 thoughts on “ONCE UPON ANOTHER TIME: poem story

  1. Oh, I’m just dying to get my hands on this book now, Jan! What a great, enticing review you’ve written! I often imagine where the wind has been (and where it’s going) as I watch its passengers, the migratory birds, arrive in and depart from my favorite saltwater marsh.

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  2. I’m excited for this book, for the same reason that you pointed out, how I think it seems to ask us to think beyond our “buy it use it recycle it repeat” idea of environmentalism to something both smaller and grander. My favorite place to wonder the wind is at the beach, that constant movement of air and water and grains of sand…thank you for the giveaway and for the kind tweet of my post this week!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Grains of sand moving are fascinating leaving one place, piling up another ~ the always shifting beach. Glad you were able to stop by at such a busy time dear Heidi & I love your term “wonder the wind.” Happy Birthday Weekend!


  3. This picture book sounds delightful. Thanks for sharing your reactions to it. I’m looking forward to reading it. My favorite place to ponder where the wind has been is walking (or floating) down a river. I’ve spent many hours wandering along the Muscatatuck River, but any river or stream will do.

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  4. This new book looks delightful, I’d like to step inside… loved hearing about all the critters inside. Congratulations to all–Matt, Charles and new to me illustrator, Andres F. Landazabal, and thanks so much for inviting us in Jan! “Once upon another time”–we have a bird sanctuary in Chicago called “The Magic Hedge” it’s all natural and runs along the lake but the path goes inland a bit–it’s a little paradise and hardly ever crowded. I’ve seen some amazing birds there. But my backyard in the summertime is a monarch haven as a good portion of my yard turns into a milkweed forest. July is the best time when all the milkweed flowers are in full bloom and the many pollinators are busy throughout the day…

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Magic Hedge sounds just like its’ name. Appreciations for sharing with us. I’m so glad you can slip in & out of it & that your “Yarden” becomes a milkweed forest ~ great term. Weekend Wonders to you!


  5. I have this wonderful book & like other times, am sad that I no longer have a class to share it with. It is an inspiration I hope many will take to heart. Thanks for a wonderful review, Jan. Happy Weekend!


  6. ooooooh. This is such a great advert. for this book. I definitely want to pick this book up to read. It looks wonderful. So many beautiful places to imagine…how to begin? Where can I be where the wind has already been? Today I choose one of my favorite places in Greece, Sounion. This is the point where a father watched the sea for black sails or white sails to know if he son was alive or dead. That point is full of stories and story lovers who go to look out onto the sea and imagine the wind filling sails.

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  7. Dear Jan – the book sounds so compelling, and what a question, imagining where the wind has been. It conjures up so many images. The book’s beauty and energy is tangible through your words here – I especially love the connections and invitations to nature (inspiring one to go savor it “right now,” maybe even finding a spot outdoors for the reading) and that it’s poem story, linking past to present.

    -Beautiful. 🙂

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  8. Imagining where the wind has been was a popular past time for me growing up. I loved being outdoors whether it was hunting with my dad, fishing, riding horses, being at the beach, anything outdoors I was in!! Watching the wind was always so peaceful and relaxing. Thinking about where the wind can lead a young child’s mind into another world. I think this book would definitely inspire my first grade kiddos to imagine a world they have never experienced before. Can’t wait to read this book!!

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  9. A fabulous post, Jan. Loved hearing your reflections on this book – that looks glorious. Two of the most memorable places to imagine where that wind has been would be the southern most tip of Tasmania, and Tierra del Fuego. That end-of-the-world feeling, looking out over southern oceans while being whipped by the wind. Only Antarctica below.

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