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I went into the wet woods and came back with
a poem.

By J.G. Annino

Shades of orange pink
purple blue
green yellow

float in rows
quiet woodlands water

stands of tall cypress
rainbow room

lend dark shadow streaks
floated painting

prayer from the sky
© 2019JanGodownAnnino allrightsreserved

For many years of my life
my parkland has been wetlands.
They renew my spirit,
exercise my legs.

I have trod boardwalks above their tannin waters,
have skirted flat ground around their towering cypress,
observing their many moods and often am witness
to resident creatures
gathering their groceries,
or taking a swim.

As an author I have also written extensively about
back country areas of Florida, regions that
feature wild water-recharging, cleansing
wetlands necessary for life, all juxtaposed against
the amazing fact that my state has become
the third most-populous in our union.
I say this to set up my doubt at first,
at what I saw in the water last
Sunday afternoon.

* * * *

Our home is about 40 miles south of Thomasville, GA,
a scenic, book-loving, culture-supporting village
of restored buildings and homes that lures us
with all that, plus being the closest downtown
to Birdsong,
which I have written about before.

After treating me to a Sunday afternoon late lunch in
Thomasville, my wonderful hubby suggested we indulge in one of our
walkabouts at Birdsong, which never fails to invigorate our
souls, and where we always exercise our legs on the woodland
slopes and farm hills.

The expansive blue sky without a cloud,
the great white herons lifting up in silence
out of a cypress wetland,
the flighty yellow-breasted warblers
flitting in front of us on our field path,
one cawing crow flapping off from a tall pine tree,
all was groovy.

As we walked away from a favorite contemplative spot
I looked back one last time past a wood cabin walled
only in floor-to-ceiling screen on three sides, perched
like a tree house, high above a cypress
wetlands. The Listening Place.

And I saw a vision in colors.
Collected colors of a rainbow,
not arched high in the sky,
but laid out flat
against dark water,
in pastel, like a public art contest's
chalk painting across a street canvas.
Tall cypress trees standing in their water
lay down shadows between color panes,
creating a stained glass wetlands art.
I shivered on this unseasonably warm,
sunny afternoon.

"Honey, what is this!" I whispered to
my husband. Wondering if he would see it.
Was I seeing a vision? Would it disappear before
he could even look?
He came back from his steps ahead,
to wonder with me.

Our eyes devoured,
the water scene,
followed each color line as long as we could
to drink it all in,
until we needed to tear our eyes and bodies away,
to walk the 20 minutes back for the farmhouse
parking area’s 5 p.m. closing time.
We avidly showed pictures and shared
delight there, in wonder.

That evening I read two helpful posts,
from commercial sites with advertising popups
so I’m not linking here,
for some possible explanation, perhaps how
a natural process of decomposition in
a wetlands paints a water rainbow.

A phenom not often seen, even by those with
more wetlands walks or paddles through the years,
than myself.
I am eager to learn more, especially from
a scientist. If you look up
“rainbow swamps” you will find a social media
extravaganza leading all the way to the BBC.

This is my first post of 2019, the New Year.
The experience reminds me that
I feel so grateful to occupy my tiny
space on this remarkable planet.
Much happiness, good health,
good pages, good words to my educator,
writer, reader pals, including
the Poetry Friday, Spiritual Thursday crowd.

I expect to post once a month this year,
perhaps less than that,
as I work on poems that
fit a theme.
I look forward to reading your poems,
columns, articles, stories and books
and to knowing about your
other projects.

Posts at this site are ©JanGodownAnnino, all rights reserved
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all rights reserved
“Rainbow Room” January 6, 2019

17 thoughts on “Rare

  1. Oh, Jan! How wonderous…and wow! I would have loved to been on that walk with you. You simply have to keep this poem close to your heart and get a picture book going, pronto! You can do this. You have the passion, the proximity and the professional experience for it. I love seeing your gentle resolution for monthly posts. Somehow, when I tried to get to this post from Kat’s blog, I wasn’t able to. I was only able to from my e-mail because I follow you. Not sure if you intend that? Anyway, happy writing. I’m sure there is a pot of gold in this for you … and hubby.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Happy new year dear Linda!
      This is a lovely thought & I will hold it close to my heart. Perhaps someday you & your hubby will pass through our area & I can introduce you to some of our favorite walkabouts! In the meantime, it’s wonderful that we follow each other’s sites/blogs. I appreciate you so much.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow!!! Thank you for sharing your experience with us…such a special and mysterious moment.
    (By the way, my computer made me override my security thingamabobbie to come to your site because your security certificate has a problem?)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Tabatha. Appreciations for your visit & also for the head’s up. I’m beginning to discover that if a reader leaving a comment isn’t a follower of this blog, something has changed in settings & that seems to create a kerfluffle… I may need to actually huddle with a computer tech. to figure this out. Apologies for the awkwardness & I thank you so much for sticking with me!

      Happy New Year!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. More than one poet today is celebrating ‘wonder’, Jan. Perhaps that will be the way of 2019, sharing the phenoms of the world as we see them. What a special moment you had & now sharing with us. Thank you for that “stained glass wetlands art”, ‘rainbow swamp’! Happy New Year!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, Linda! Caring enough about the tiny moments in life to remember for ourselves & share with another & another.

      I visited your blog yesterday & tried to post. It’s a glitch on my end. After a big weekend of work I expect to send you an email to ask if you would post it. I seem to be having a big glitch here at my laptop!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, more exercise and perhaps, more wetlands. (I think wetlands are actually being “made”
      in mitigation in some places . . . but don’t have the article handy to reference it.)
      I didn’t read the piece you mention, but I’ll bet it has science behind it. Logic, certainly.
      Thanks for mentioning it.

      Vibrant wishes for all your activities in 2019!


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