Young #Tolkien in a Picture Book

Do you know there is a worldwide day of appreciation
for the works of J.R.R. Tolkien – a reading day?

O.K. I should have known. Some of you smarties do.
But do you know there is a brand-new illustrated book
for ages 4 to 8,
about the child days of the genius creator of
That’s news to you? Great. I’m as tickled as if I’ve had a
large plate of seed cakes for second breakfast,
to introduce you to this book.



The cover art work by Eliza Wheeler is one reason to hug
this sweetie into your world.
The storytelling by Oxford, UK expert Caroline McAlister
is compelling and her back matter is illuminating.

I hope you  enjoy my Q/A here about this brand new p.b. biography.
At that site of educators, librarians and writers on blogger/blogspot, you’ll have a chance
receive one of the multiple
copies we are handing out, to celebrate the book birthday of
(Monday April 3, midnight, is comment close time.)

Thoughts here are so very welcome, also.
But the book give away is only at the link above.
Thank you.

And now a J.R.R. Tolkien verse from
“Far Over the Misty Mountains Cold”

On silver necklaces they strung
The flowering stars, on crowns they hung
The dragon-fire, in twisted wire
They meshed the light of moon and sun.

You can visit this fun fan site for the full poem. which I feel some of you
can recite, or at least verses of it.

Poetry Month
I am anticipating all your “flowering stars”
of April’s Poetry Month.
We are fortunate that
talented poet & Poetry Friday maven/mentor Amy collects
us at the colorful POEM FARM.


29 responses to “Young #Tolkien in a Picture Book”

    • So glad to know this genre is close to your heart, Laura.
      I can totally see you creating a p.b. bio in verse.
      And I feel your subject would be a mighty, lesser-known exemplar.


  1. I am such a lifelong fan, but alas did not know about this day! But, I just picked this new book up from the library, so exciting! I’ll go check out the other post too, Jan. Thank you!


  2. What a fabulous wonderful book! (COVER HUG!) I am going to check out the other site too…my 14 yo Henry would love to read this! The world is full of such greatness. Thank you for helping me learn about a new book and a new day. 🙂 Happy Poetry Month!


    • My hope is that it speaks to Henry & that he shares it, too. So glad to be able to
      bring new goodness to you, Amy. You bring new titles, authors, ideas, perspectives to me always.


  3. Tolkien holds a special place in my heart. My mum has loved LOTR since she was a girl, and has a battered copy held together with years’ worth of tape that she still treasures, and has read again and again. It’s a series that we have enjoyed together. I’m so looking forward to this picture book, and to sharing one of my favourite authors with the children I work with.


  4. Ooooh! Love this poem! Can’t wait to share with my students in my elementary library this month! We celebrate Poetry every month but April is extra special, of course! And I also didn’t know of this picture book bio- love sharing them with readers!


    • What a pleasure to see you here!
      Here’s hoping your bright young readers enjoy hearing about J.R.R. Tolkien’s child days.
      Wishes for a wizardly Poetry Month with your magical students.


  5. Hello beautiful Jan. I did NOT know about this special day…..and I will enter the giveaway. The book looks delicious. I’ve had a fun time getting my Poetry Friday post up and thinking about what to write tomorrow, this evening. I’m never at a loss for ideas….I wish each idea came with the time to develop them fully. I need to have a chat with my muse. How is your muse these days? Hugs!


    • Dear Linda,
      My thoughts were with you during the school spring break season.
      You are doing the long but enjoyable hours in an active media center,
      so adding everything else in is phenomenal.

      Here it’s #amwriting.



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