Seven Kinds of Wonderful: Adrian Fogelin & SOME KIND OF MAGIC + giveaway

Award-winning author & my pal, Adrian Fogelin’s new novel is SOME KIND OF MAGIC.
It is released April 1.
The magic of knowing an author is that you can peek at not only the Work-in-Progress. But you also hold
the Advanced Readers Copy in your eager hands.

To help celebrate this neighborhood story, which visits characters Jemmie & Cass, from Adrian’s ground-breaking
1st novel, CROSSING JORDAN, I’m sharing seven kinds of wonderful things connected to this novel & the author:

Warning: a highly personal list. After reading SOME KIND OF MAGIC, your 7s will depart from this – perhaps.

1. Set in my town – Tallahassee, Florida

2. Features a 6-year-old boy & a fedora – two favorite topics of mine, younger readers & hats

3. Features Cass & Jemmie, their friendship is one I love

4. Adrian employs the word “plinky”

5. An adult character’s name is Paul, which is the American version of my hubby’s name, Paolo.

6. The neighborhood pals have a cool hangout place that isn’t a mall, arcade or boardwalk/sidewalk.

7. KIRKUS (professional, well-regarded review service) agrees with me: “A fine, complex tale of family, friends and magic.”

Over at the seven kinds of wonderful GROUP BLOG, Adrian shares her own 7s.
Plus that’s where I’m giving away a copy of this new one.
And there are some lovely author & publisher links.
Please go have a visit!.


9 responses to “Seven Kinds of Wonderful: Adrian Fogelin & SOME KIND OF MAGIC + giveaway”

  1. Your list was making me smile, Jan 🙂 “Plinky” IS a good-sounding word 😀 And my son’s name is Paul, but when he was a teacher, had a spell where he wanted to be called “Paolo” for his Italian heritage 😀 This sounds like a REALLY good book!

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  2. Wonderful thought on Some Kind of Magic 7s. Reading the book to find out about the word plinky sounds like fun and then I will be able to find some kind of magic 7s. Thanks Jan. Now over to Adrian’s site.


  3. Thanks to both of you for sharing! Sounds like a terrific story and already garnering praise.

    Jan – a new look? Congratulations on the bloggie makeover – looks fantastic! I am unabashedly in love with shades of “warm gray” (or, I like the moniker “dove gray”), which is what I’d call the background, at least on my monitor. Hooray!

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    • Oh, gosh, yes, Adrian’s Some Kind of Magic is a winner for upper middle school readers.
      It’s going to do so well because it’s a beautifully presented upper middle grade summer story AND it’s that pesky summer between middle school & high school.

      Also, the new look is still wonky on pages but I will have those wonks bumped out – sooner than later, me hopes.


  4. A big “thank you” to Jan for featuring my book. I especially love the cover on this one! And to my fellow writers of books for young readers, my publisher, Peachtree, is the best and most supportive publisher ever. May you all find such a great home for your stories.

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