JoAnn Early Macken

DownloadedFileA storm that rolled in the day our daughter recently

winged back home, made me think of poet



This gentle prose poem is an appreciation

of finding shelter in a storm, to then watch it in wonder.

A mother and daughter consider the small creatures

who live outdoors as they make their path from

a hill of daffodils,

to their own cozy nest to watch and wait out the weather.

It is illustrated by Susan Gaber in a way that

transports the reader inside veils of rain.


I’m sharing these raindrop lines:

They burst from the cloud

skipping and leaping and laughing out loud

They spin and they tumble.

They bounce on the breeze

They dance to the tune of the world in the trees

2010 JoAnn Early Macken, “Waiting Out The Storm”


You can learn more about JoAnn Early Macken, who

I met through Teaching Authors, at JoAnn’s web site pages.

And in your visit to JoAnn’s site, be sure to look at her, WRITE A POEM

information. This is about her book that I was fortunate to win

more than a year ago.

And also, please check back for one of my favorite rain images

from a few years past, of our gal, appreciating

cascades of drops. It’s not handy at the moment but I expect

to locate it soon.


Mindful that this week’s Poetry Friday gathering, collected at NO WATER RIVER

by Renee La Tulippe arrives the day after Sept. 11 memorials, I offer

JoAnn’s poetry lines, above, as a way of honoring quiet sweet moments in life that

our protectors endeavor to make continuous for us all.


Peace to you this week & always.



14 thoughts on “JoAnn Early Macken

  1. The raindrop lines are beautiful – I do love prose poems – there is a fluidity there that makes me catch my breath on occasion with the imagery. Thank you for sharing this. Will be on the lookout for this title.


    • I picked this up from the library yesterday and fell in love with this book. Thanks so much for making me aware of it, Jan 🙂 I even did a little review on Goodreads, I was so impressed!

      https ://www .goodreads. com/review/show/1063554951


  2. Jan, thank you for highlighting JoAnn’s poem that I was not familiar with. I love the way you phrased what the illustrator brought to the poem: “in a way that
    transports the reader inside veils of rain.” JoAnn is one of the Summer Serenity Gallery writers. After I peruse the Poetry Friday offerings, I am going to finish the last submissions for the gallery and unveil it.
    Since 9/11 was such a horrific day in my hometown, I needed to write about that yesterday. My offering is at


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