Expecting a bee?

Florida is a bug’s delight. Hot, moist, dark, damp. With giant ferns and fronds for creepy crawlies to easily hold onto, even when blasted by the stiffest offshore wind. Plus, look at all the flowers, stems, leaves, trees & marsh grasses bugs can cotton to. If I were a bug I’d love Florida, wouldn’t you? (Until that squish moment…)

Bugs and their skin-tingling activities are the subject of a new poetry collection for children, BUG OFF! Jane Yolen crafted words on each bug, with photographic illustrations by Jason Stemple, her youngest son. Since bug off is what we usually want them to do in our vicinity,  unless they are the cuties, and that’s you, ladybug, these poems are bound to delight.

I haven’t seen the collection yet, but I laughed with a fly poem, shared in a sneak preview, thanks to  POETRY for CHILDREN  and also to the site which points out the preview,  Teaching Authors  ( TA takes you, as a poetry bonus, to another neat children’s poet, Janet Wong.)

Jane Yolen’s Bug Off! asks the reader to create a buggy poem, so here’s mine.

It’s fast & mainly unrevised, inspired (irritated) by what I brought home from a beautiful weekend hike last year, which my husband & I took, to see a noted stand of royal palms, deep in our nearby national refuge.


Skin splotches

Yes, freeze if you please

Too much sun

Too much fun

Too many cells

Tolls the bell

What the –

“A tick?”

“Yes,” reports Dr. Steve

There’s a tick just over here

Have no fear – I’ll remove it dear

A tick, just here

under my arm

sort of to the rear

With his practiced


the tick

is now an abstraction

– Jan Godown Annino


I am pleased to share that another new poetry book about bugs is out &  is worth noting.

It is Nasty Bugs, compiled by Lee Bennett Hopkins. After several tries, the link to it

doesn’t work (a new glitch here with my blog.) So please look it up when you have a spare moment.

The compiler is the noted Lee Bennett Hopkins, who earlier pulled together the beautifully buggy Flit, Flutter Fly! among

many poetry anthologies.

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