Pine tree blessing

Night notes

In a Florida nighttime

Temperature plummets


In a tree’s lifetime 

Elder pine releases hold.


In a moment’s sleeptime

Aboral limb crash down.


In cosy blanket of down time 

Dreams continue to cocoon.

c. Jan Godown Annino, all rights reserved



In sudden reaction to chill air (28 predicted, 30 F realized) our neighbor’s  graciously tall pine tree, in the middle of the night, dropped limbs upon us. They were long but not lumberjack wide and yet still pierced our usually  reliable reverse-air heat/cool unit – otherwise known as an air conditioner.  People here don’t have furnaces. Or baseboard heat or radiators. Or whatever else systems those in Iced Lands employ in homes and businesses.

Following one 30 F night, fabulous Harper-Revell repair folks assured us we could safely dial up heat. Fabulous Mr. Gilmore responded fast to check on the branch that settled on the roof. (In a previous year one pierced it.)

Glory be, we were lucky.