shadow season

It’s shadow season.

Visits to real-life houses built centuries before, trips up the stairs to eerie

attics, and doors opened on creaky cupboards, might reveal a scarab, sphinx or

a selkie.

Here’s a few images from our recent visit to the lovely Orman House in Florida’s Panhandle.

This is North Florida. Author Gloria Jahoda labeled the area, The Other Florida.

The Orman House doesn’t present itself as a haunted house.  The elegant

Orman (begun in 1836, completed in 1838) is living proof that all long in the tooth

buildings along the Panhandle Florida coast aren’t wall to wall sliding glass doors.

Nor are they all beach bungalows perched on stilts.

The imposing bay front Orman edifice is decorated with antique settees,

an elegant piano, vintage clothes and some of the tools you see in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Plus fascinating documents that could be in the National Archives. Inkwell ink

from fountain pens, flows in careful cursive  words about commerce,

manners and the sweltering, “bad air” life of the subtropics of North Florida, a time before

the company named Carrier brought us AC.  (Although another local inhabitant, a

physician, rigged up what is said to be the first air-cooling system for his malaria


At the Orman House, as within the innards of any seasoned old Southern

landmark, some people,  some times, detect some THING.  Who would not want to

visit?! Makes you want to cut a rug!

Such as the delightful Carolyn Jones &  John Astin with Thing’s help – dance here. from YouTube.