Typing with Ginger

National Novel Writing Month 2012

In October I didn’t discern that my neurons held an idea for a particular strong new mystery character.

That was well before the accumulation of the mini-marathons that 30 days of NaNoWriMo in November ushers in, at least for many writers. This year for it, I nested online in a community of keyboarders.

NaNoWriMo is a phenom that almost every writer I speak with knows about, even if participation isn’t part of their plan. Some fortunate writers who I’m cheering on with long-range  agent &/or editor hopes for their just-completed novels, holed up at a delicious island, supported by cooked meals, the swish of salty air, and the focused attention of an award-winning author who dishes kindness with criticism. Brava! I was with them in spirit. I crafted a NaNoWriMo for myself, uplifted by hardworking NaNoWriMo organizers locally. My municipal  liaison coach hand-made an Origami guide for each writer & treated us to an outdoors kick-off party. This was a sweet surprise & set me typing, typing, typing.

NaNoWriMo 2012 guide all rights reserved

NaNoWriMo 2012 guide
all rights reserved

I became the only writer in the entire contest assisted by Ginger, a feline who has nevertheless seen too much for his liking, of vets lately, but he’s fine, just finicky (yes his “Ginger” name is also a story.)  Perhaps the blog of this author who I’ve enjoyed studying with, a visiting professor,  helps explain my absence at our area NaNoWriMo write-in events. I did attend the kick-off party, channeling Big Bird.

all rights reserved

all rights reserved

As a result of the energy from my NaNoWriMo team I have met my character, saluted her perfect name, & wondered over her dreams & her problems. Of course when I return to this manuscript-in-progess some other month, my character Sara may become Penelope Pennypress. And her dreams and her challenges will morph. And that will be a good, good, thing.

Tally:   6,724 words.

I didn’t exceed my goal, 1,000 words a day –  or even match it. But no complaints. In November we traveled far, beautifully celebrated our 25th anniversary, attended to some key family details that also involved out-of-town visits & noshed on an early Thanksgiving with our out-of-town college kiddo. I tackled writing details such as doing the Snoopy dance for finishing & sending out to a contest, chapters in a mystery for young readers & I organized my first blog hop with book topic Qs & As; it begins back here on Dec. 5.

What I’ve begun writing next is the Thanku poetry form. This one is for NaNoWriMo.

A Thanku is a Haiku of Thanks. The Thanku is one of a multitude of plum-perfect ideas to find at Teaching Authors. Say Thanku out loud to fully appreciate the term. Here is my most recent Thanku.

NaNoWriMo 2012

Origami guide!

Kindness of ML Pearl Rose

Prompts words that  mellow


I hope you will return here WEDNESDAY, Dec. 5th for the tag-team Q/A blog hop. Creative folks I’ve tagged who expect to run their Q/As on their blogs, on Dec. 12 will have their links on-board then.

Maybe Ginger’s NaNoWriMo keyboard technique will give you a hoot.

all rights reserved

all rights reserved

april 1, 2011 – april 6, 2011 kid lit 4 japan auction # 74 & “oooooops!”

Two thoughts.

The writer who created at this desk, used them!


In honor of April Fool’s Day, a fabulous site that I never plan to erase, Teaching Authors ,

offers this end-of-the-pencil point of view, worth a look any day for those of us who make mistakes & revise & edit & fiddle & fix & revise & erase…

enjoy! many thanks to the continually delightful TEACHING AUTHORS. ( hint: be sure to follow the links)


Please bid on AUCTION ITEM # 74 74 74 74 74 74 at

Kid Lit 4 Japan

Auction #74
From Friday 4/1 @ 10:00AM EDT to Wednesday 4/6 @ 10:00AM EDT
Jan Godown Annino: autographed copy, SHE SANG PROMISE: The Story of Betty Mae Jumper, Seminole Tribal Leader
Value: $30

This is signed by artist Lisa Desimini & myself, our picture book biography about Betty Mae Tiger Jumper, titled:  She Sang Promise.

It is the Florida Book Awards new gold winner, a Notable Trade Book for the Social Studies, & an Amelia Bloomer Project Top 10 of the ALA.

Lisa is excited about signing it also, although I’m not sure that detail is on the site.  Bidding on our item #  74  begins Friday April 1.

The bidding ENDS WEDNESDAY April 6, 2011.

So be sure to check in often! And please spread the word about this wonderful auction site,  Kid Lit 4 Japan.

Its a gallery of art work, critiques offered, book swag & signed editions & more.

And a bit more – get well greetings go out  to  Kid Lit 4 Japan’s overtaxed creator, who has been taken over by the true flu. Best wishes Gregory!

Heal well. You have done such a fine thing with

Kid Lit 4 Japan.