Hats on for a cat

In towns tiny and cities cavernous, listeners and readers are lining up   to celebrate the creative chileren’s books of Theodor Seuss Geisel, the Cat-in-the -Hat man. 

March 2, 1904 was the day of his birth. The place was Springfield, MA, which as we all would imagine, gives a rollicking good party for the memory of dear  Dr. Seuss. Just look at the end of my words,  for a Springfield, MA Seussical cake concoction! Yum.

I will wear my Cat-in-The-Hat like hat & read his rhymes, my hope is to be sublime, to students as part of a school and BookPALS celebration. And many others will enjoy the same kind of silliness to honor the man’s memory.

At the end of the day I hope to sit down with a treat- my copy of, Dr. Seuss From Then to Now, a compendium catalogue from 1986, of images and words about Mr. Geisel, who lived an interesting life in advertising and magazine work before he became a special editor at Random House. (In the recent obituaries for children’s book creator Jan Berenstain, you probably read comments that Geisel – editor  of the bear books produced by Jan and her late husband, Stan – made through the years. )

The hardcover catalogue I’ll read at home accompanied a San Diego Museum of Art retrospective exhibit of the work of the Geisel genius. I can’t yet read it with my eyes shut, perhaps someday I will.


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