Without women

Last nite my hubby & I attended a school program to cap Black History Month.

The 5th graders who opened the evening’s commemoration had a take on things that was new to me.

Their potent question to the audience was:

What if there were no black people?  They they took us through a day. How would we manage without traffic lights,  medicines & a host of items from everyday to  exceptional, that were created by black people.

Today I borrow that concept of those bright children, to ask, where would be be without girls & women?

I do this because March 1 launches  Women’s History Month.

So as a published non-fiction writer of a picture book biography about a woman who deserves more attention from this world, I’m happy to share the KidLit Celebrates Women’s History Month  link to resources on women

On March 6, I’ll be part of  the KidLit Celebrates Women’s History Month online community of writers who each day of this wonderful month, provide insight into a book for young readers about women’s history or about an individual woman of notable achievement.

I am keen on reading the posts of my colleagues in this effort.

This collection of essay/blogs is a gift to families, schools, young readers, librarians & to us all from THE FOURTH MUSKETEER and SHELF-EMPLOYED.

Maybe this month will be the 31 days you delve more into the story of that intriguing woman in your family tree.

I hope so!