notes – Mother’s Day Weekend 2012

A very good ‘bye & two hellos

Anne Rudloe/Butterflies On A Sea Wind

Suitably for a memorial,  clouds opened up Sunday May 13 in time for umbrellas to pop like mushrooms, among congregants arriving at church to reflect upon the life of author & scientist Anne Rudloe.  Because she was a Buddhist teacher I wondered if we would find jewel- tone prayer flags & sandalwood incense & perhaps the sound of a delicate small gong?  Instead, lovely hymns & also some Gershwin & The Sound of Music. Many smiles & tears. Loving tributes to her life, where she enriched so many. Departure was in pure sunshine, drops dancing off tree leaves, shimmery glints along the path home. Good wishes to Family &  Gulf Marine Specimen folks.

FAITH RINGGOLD. She stood up the whole hour she spoke. She is 81.

&  FAITH RINGGOLD/c. Jan Godown Annino

After decades of world-wide accolades, she still had to outfox an oily art dealer who intended to keep her Clinton family portrait rather than pass it on as intended. With her husband Birdie helping, she put it directly into grateful hands at the White House. Her sparkling mural mosaics are lesser known than the totemic story quilts that are catalysts for children’s books.

She read from her witty new bullying poetry.  Public school kids in NYC knew her as their art teacher, before she quit to spend time with her other talents. California college students call her professor.Thanks, FSU Fine Arts folks.

ANDREA DAVIS PINKNEY. Wow. Never imagined two years ago when I presented at the library on SIT IN, a Brian Pinkney-illustrated history for young readers of Greensboro, N.C. desegregation by brave students, that the author would be presenting on it herself.

The interactive event that covered many children’s literature titles, found us stretching our credulity to see if we thought our cat lounging at home could talk & narrate a story & also asking ourselves how we would respond to hot coffee & catsup being poured on our heads. A lively & deep talk, all the more special because of the all-ages audience.

Pinkney sets her alarm for 4 a.m. She writes every day.  Thanks, LeRoy Collins Leon County Public Library folks.

Andrea Davis Pinkney & Brian Pinkney

the sea brings forth update

c. 2010 Jan Annino Godown

The Gulf Specimen Marine Laboratory is the go-to

wonderland for families here in North Florida, where the Gulf of Mexico takes its big bend along the marsh shore.  (Scenic Driving Florida & Family Fun in Florida , two of my travel guides, feature this site.) Learn about their new NOAH’S ARK project for the embattled Gulf of Mexico. It’s a way to protect the fish nurseries, collecting & raising young in tanks onshore, during the dark intrusion of oil into the previously productive waters. A positive way to move along, while

engineers remain puzzled about ending the oil gush. And while it appears there are no answers to: When will the oil flow end?

On YouTube learn how the GULF SPECIMEN lab creators advised 40 years ago, after the barge, Florida spilled oil near West Falmouth, Mass.,  in Sept. 1969, how to document oil spill impact along the shore.

Also on YouTube, look for Young Adult & Middle Grade award-winning author ADRIAN FOGELIN &

her partner songster, Craig Reeder, performing their original and haunting ballad about the oil spill.

Search using

Hot Tamale, the name of this creative duo. Or try the title  which has changed to

Crystal Gulf Waters.

YouTube – Crystal Gulf Waters

Cedar Key Florida by Jan Godown

Apalachicola, Florida

And look for this fresh collection in print, of writers defending Gulf coastal beauty in UnspOILed.

It is edited by noted writer Susan Cerulean, with pieces from Janisse Ray, Doug Alderson, Connie May Fowler &  many others.  There is even a 9-year-old inkslinger contributing to this project- that’s just how important this issue is.

c. 2010 Jan Annino Godown