About animals

JET was a dog no shelter wanted.

But good news for JET.

His high energy level worked well in Fort Myers Florida at the Southwest Florida International Airport. 

JET took classes in chasing wild birds away from areas at the airport where their activities might interfere with air traffic. The result is that he beame the first documented dog to go to work in that way at an airport.  He appeared on Animal Planet’s K-9 to 5 show and on Wild Rescues. 

JET trained his own replacement, RADAR.  Associated Press reporter Julio Ochoa wrote about RADAR in a feature datelined Fort Myers, Fla 1.13.2008.

The story of JET & his airport handler, Rebecca Stansifer-Haggie is told in a chapter of FLORIDA’s FAMOUS ANIMALS,  out in 2008 from Globe Pequot Press. 

Another reason to give shelter animals another chance.

Good dog, JET!  And go, RADAR!