A brown cottage of small size sits snug by a big brown tree.

This is the hand-built haven, Lichgate Cottage, of author & classics professor at Florida State University, Laura Jepsen, who died in 1995.

Miss Jepsen bought undeveloped land because of a single tree she couldn’t get out of her mind,  once she had climbed over a barbed wire fence to get a close look at it. It became her dream to save it & live near it.

She scraped up the money to build her “fairy tale” Tudor-style cottage on that land, so she could watch over the tree.

This majestic oak with boughs that bow down to the ground is listed on a national tree register & is the subject of a landscape portrait by a noted tree artist.

Volunteers who interpret, preserve & celebrate Miss Jepsen, the Lichgate Cottage & the Lichgate Oak created The Laura Jepsen Institute.

Lichgate evokes an

Anne Hathaway cottage from England,

transported as if by magic

to Florida, USA.

Lichgate Oak bends her boughs

to the ground and sweeps them

up to the sky

to create an outdoor room.

An enrolled

member of the Live Oak Society,

Lichgate Oak keeps

company with the

hand-crafted cottage.

Master nature artist

Stephen Malkoff

found his way to the tree

& decided to create a

portrait in stunning detail.

The Laura Jepsen Institute

a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit

support group protecting

Lichgate on High Road,

is kind enough to allow

me to research & write

the story of the cottage

& its creator,

Dr. Laura Pauline Jepsen,

of Iowa.

Two booklets are in manuscript form,


format &

illustration decisions

& editing awaiting.

A Play

Under the spreading boughs

of Lighgate Oak,

we have presented

a one-act play – LAURA, LIVE!,

about Miss

Jepsen, performed by the

accomplished actress

Barbara Speisman (co-author

of the play.)

We have seen the three-acre

Lichgate on High Road property,

which includes the unique

canine cottage

in the style of the original

historic building,

elevated to the

National Register of Historic Places.

This urban eden,

with grandmother live oak tree,

fairy tale cottage,

vegetable garden

& flower garden, the gardens

a demonstration project

of community gardeners of Damayan,

is yours to discover in Tallahassee,



Tax-deductible contributions

are sought:

The Laura Jepsen Institute

PO Box 11305

Tallahassee FL 32302


Gardens & More

Please visit the Children’s Shakespeare Garden at Lichgate.

Lichgate Labyrinth

Lichgate offers, tucked away in a quiet corner, a series of circles to walk in contemplation.

This illustration is for visual enjoyment & not our  Lichgate labyrinth.


For more information on labyrinths worldwide visit Veriditas or

The Labyrinth Society

Laura Jepsen as Equal Rights Exemplar

Laura Jepsen went to court to secure her rights in equal pay. Her case was a landmark.

For some back ground on Dr. Jepsen’s days in court, please see a summary