LUCY and the BULLY

LUCY and the BULLY is a read-aloud picture book I’m taking to second grade for reading on the topic of Kindness. This fabulous teacher, actually a teaching team of 2nd grade wizard educators, selected the topic before this week’s tragic events.

As you know, we lost fabulous young spirits in California and my home state – New Jersey – due to this era’s disrespect of privacy & an unnecessary shame over sexual identity. Immature  fear & insecurity of the unformed  minds who taunted children to their deaths held the day. This time. But more & more straight children & their families will speak out against irrationality.

My heart is heavy for all of us straight or gay, but especially for young people who may be personally affected by this.

Watching tenderness in action among young ones, out & about in the community & at schools – seeing sharing & caring – I’m confident that enough people, working with the younger generation, can make a difference. I’m looking for other picture book titles, such as LUCY and the BULLY,  to share with young readers. Titles that are lively, fun & aovid preachy, most welcome.  This is a tall order, so a kind Thank You to Claire Alexander, who I don’t know, but hope to meet some time, for providing a path.