In the company of trees

Think of your strong images of trees.

Climbing? Jumping from them? Picking pears from low branches? I am fortunate to know days of those sports. Here are more leaves of this memory scrapbook –

Palms bowing down against the wet sluice of hurricanes.

Brown hairs of Resurrection Fern transforming to lime green after rain.

Morning glory vines traveling up a tree trunk, in purple bloom

Imagining the scattered community Champion trees of Florida & delighting in knowing the giant grove our trees across the state cumulatively contribute, to the national compilation.

An open air performance of my one-act play about visionary Laura Jepsen, under a live oak tree named Lichgate Oak, the tree that Laura Jepsen saved in Lichgate Park.

A bouquet of  shiny magnolia leaves, forevermore evergreen, to editor & writer Nancy Adams, who wrote a journal entry about memories of trees, which brought me to focus my thoughts beyond the annual Christmas tree hunt.

Closing with exuberant wishes for a great Christmas season & also with my photographs of three beloved Florida trees-

Fishing net and lights tree of Cedar Key

Doll tree at Dania/Hollywood of the Seminole Tribe of Florida

Beloved, legendary Lichgate Oak, Tallahassee . All photographs c. Jan Godown Annino


Lichgate labyrinth

Lichgate Labyrinth

As The Wizard

didn’t give to The Tin Man


“that he didn’t didn’t already have”

a labyrinth arriving at a site

such as Lichgate on High Road

becomes a natural tapestry

illuminating the precious pathways

Laura Pauline Jepsen found

when she first

climbed over the barbed wire fence

into her precious world

A Lichgate labyrinth

will beckon travelers

to discover

the peace of mind

already here

It will beckon travelers

to explore

the spirit

deep within

the one who travels

And as our area glows with

more and more labyrinths

we can become known

as a “city of turns”

much as holy cities have

long been called, for their

spiritual spiral walking paths

image for illustration idea only


For information on labyrinths worldwide begin with

Veriditas  or  The Labyrinth Society