more Native American topics

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In addition to what I’ve shared on other pages, there are other sources.

From Lisa Mitten, with the American Indian Library Association. Valuable connections to individual TRIBE SITES. 

For a critical look at current & outdated titles about Indians, please follow Dr. Debbie Reese and the American Indians in Children’s Literature site, which is well-read & frequently features important commentary from readers of her site.

You will begin to learn that there is more to learn. Oyate is one of the sites, in addition to individual tribal sites and American Indians in Children’s Literature, where I began & continue my lessons.

Also see these. Whenever possible, titles are by tribal members or researchers or scholars members respect.

The Crafts of Florida’s First People and also Fossiling in Florida, each of them by Pineapple Press.

Early people receive important attention from Canada’s Annick Press; . a title specifically for young readers that I share with students is A Native American Thought Of It. Also look for  Latin Americans Thought of It. 

Here are other resources for your tool kit:

GENERALNational Museum of the American Indian


An introduction to Cuba’s Taino people

A video about Taino people from NMAI

Especially if you are in Florida (or just curious) learn about the origin of the word hurricane.


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