ALLIGATORS all AROUND   Links,  facts, crafts & also alligator titles in story & song.

“…alligator mamas float babies on their backs…”

from SHE SANG PROMISE: The Story of Betty Mae Jumper, Seminole Tribal Leader. One of the many amazing aspects of Betty Mae Jumper’s life is that she wrestled alligators. This is explained in She Sang Promise. For more on her, look here.

How many times is in the United States is alligator used in a place name? Use a favorite place name or gazeteer source to learn the answer.

Trick question: Are alligators green?

SOUND BITES: Alligators are one of the few repitiles that make a vocal sound. What is their talk like? Click on AUDIO at the National Geographic link for some gator sound bites.

A letter-perfect Alligator CRAFT. Thank you No Time for Flash cards by way of MS. HEGNA’s STORYROOM.

An alligator info accumulation from FLORIDA experts FWC

ALLIGATOR MAN, a Cajun song, from  YouTube

More ALLIGATOR crafts are here and also try, here.

Alligator titles (books for the younger gator set)

Hooray for Amanda and her Alligator, by MO WILLEMS a portrait of the relationship between a girl and her stuffed alligator.





3 thoughts on “alligators

  1. Appreciations for the good words.
    Doug’s book is further along than I thought, with a good launch upcoming after Covid-19 days, including at My Favorite Books. I just learned it’s actually post-production.
    See the site
    I don’t want emailed copyrighted images, alligator or otherwise, sorry.
    If I want to share someone’s work, it is through links. But so good of you to champion his work.


  2. Appreciations for this idea. So, photog is Linda Marie’s son? Figures that he is art-talented, like his MoM. Well here’s the deal. You have landed on a page, like all here, intended for elementary school teachers/librarians, etc. Would his online gallery be kid-friendly? If so I could look at it & possibly link at this page to his alligators. (This page as you can see is not fully built-out.) Another idea is that longtime friend of Paolo & myself, Doug Alderson, has an alligator book in the hopper, likely with his own photos in it, but you never know. More thanks for making connections. Good Wednesday to you!


    • Hi, Jan! Lovely to hear from you via this medium. I love your blog site! Tony, Linda Marie’s son, doesn’t actually have an on-line gallery other than his Facebook page. However If you, or your friend Doug, would like to see some of Tony’s alligator photos, I can ask him to forward me some of the best, and either email them to you, if I have your email address, or post them somewhere on your blog, fi that’s do-able. Tony is not a professional photog, as he’s strictly amateur, but very good. He just needs to protect his copyright on his photos, which I’m sure Doug would honor.


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