Reading with Lauren Harrison

I’m grateful to discover, through my freshly

arriving summer 2022 Pen Woman magazine,

Lauren Harrison, a young journalist by training who

writes as the teaching poet, L. Renee.

Her current Tin House poem mixing the mayhem of

mayflies and the African diaspora, arising out of her research

to create family archives, made me feel I held ancient lace

that unfolded to bear stains of sweat, blood & tears.

Wings fade as fine gossamer in June sun
buoyed by a buzz too quick to be caught
by my eye, which doesn’t want to bear the witnessing:”

c. Lauren Harrison/ L. Renee

I feel I will cross paths with Lauren on paper and online

again, if not in person eventually,

as her poems merit fine collection in a first chapbook,

& beyond that, more between-covers brightness.

[note: a different writer is the L. Renee who is

L. Renee Ricardson.]

Tin House

L. Renee of Ohio/Lauren Harrison

I’ve had two derails in my road in the last week & so

welcomed wrapping myself in the Pen Woman magazine,

which took me into others’ lives, triumphs & struggles.

When I came out of all their words & worlds, I saw anew

my wonderful world, in which all my prayers are praise.

And I praise SALT CITY VERSE. Find #PoetryFriday here

with Janice, considering things not seen,

space infinite.


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15 responses to “Reading with Lauren Harrison”

  1. Thanks for sharing this powerful and moving piece, I like L. Renee’s focus on the short life of the female mayfly and what she accomplishes in one day—then her dip into her ancestry and the strength and connection she draws from her great-great grandmother. Hope the derailments move along and alternative choices emerge, xox!


  2. Hi Jan! The 9-year-old forced to bear a child reminds me of the 10-year-old who recently fled Ohio because she was being forced to carry a child there. What a world, and yet, as you say, so much to praise. xo


    • Exactly, exactly, exactly. We improve, we slide back, we move sideways, we move forward. When I remember always is that enduring are the Kind-Hearted, the Helpers, such as wonderful you, Tabatha. I appreciate your visit & wish you sweet summer days.


  3. Happy to see you here, Jan! I’m sorry for the derailments. This poem is a gut-punch. A mother at nine? The narrator may not wince, but I’m thrown into a horrible daydream. Thanks for your persistent poetry, poetry sharing, and optimism. xo


    • Often the reality of our World is too much to bear until we remember that relieving actions, dedicated social workers & other protectors are all the time saving children & adults in harm’s way. I always enjoy your insights about poetry & your poem sharing & joy books, too. They are wonderful & what our children need, more than ever.


    • Hello hostess with the mostess, Janice. Appreciations for your handling PF this weekend & for your sonic, interstellar, out of this world musings over at SALT CITY VERSE. Your 1 July 2022 post lifts me up!


  4. Hi Jan, what an endearing gift you brought this PF, words blaring across the page from L. Renee to take care of what is known, no matter the grief, at least that is what those words showed me. I will look for her!


  5. Jan! I was so happy to see you here and wow, your shared poem is one that is hard “to bear the witnessing.” Thank you for sharing this powerful voice here. I hope the bumps in your road have smoothed out. I think of you and your prayers of praise so often.


  6. Jan! Glad to see you, and sorry to hear about your derailings. This observation is a gorgeous poem, in and of itself: “I saw anew my wonderful world, in which all my prayers are praise.”

    Thank you for the poem from L. Renee. The comparison between her search for ancestors and the spring hatch of mayflies is surprising and powerful. Like you, I hope to read more of her work in the future!!


    • Praise for you Mary Lee for your visit &. your being moved by L. Renee’s words.

      [after 1 detour medical & 1 out-in-the-world boor, on track after furious journal jotting.]


  7. Oh, my goodness, Jan. First, how wonderful to see you here in this post. And, wow! L. Renee. The depth of her seeing is breathtaking. I like to think of myself as separate from this…but the truth is, my ancestors were alive with hers and were all part of that world. Thank you for sharing. I will look for more poems by this poet. You are hosting PF soon. Hooray! I look forward to that as well. You always bring something extra good.

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    • And I hope you’re reading what you like & wandering through a wonderful world of summer school break, Linda.
      I’m excited to be hosting #PoetryFriday next weekend. A buoyant & beautiful & balmy 4th of July weekend to you 🙂


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