#MarvelousMaryLee #PoetryforMaryLee

Hello and Happy Poetry Friday. Today’s connecting hearthoughts are 

#MarvelousMaryLee #PoemsforMaryLee

because, we are lucky to celebrate the joyful 37-year teaching career of a Poetry Friday icon,

Mary Lee Hahn, my poetry pal.

Brown fur on green canvas – poem for Mary Lee Hahn

Brown fur on green canvas

Floppy fountains of spring grass on public

school lawn can’t hide hop hop hop!

Free-range bunnies garden as intently

as bigger bent bodies groom their Beacon Hill patches.

[Mary Lee left carrots for bun-buns]

Harriet Tubman South End

Harriet Tubman – poem for Mary Lee Hahn

Harriet Tubman

Hello, Ms. Tubman! In awe we share your memory at

streetside sculpture park, a reflection upon 13 bold trips from 

Maryland, secretly walking BeLoveds out of cruel bondage 

that never ever should have been.

[Mary Lee left flowers for Moses, Harriet Tubman]


Surprise! Mary Lee Hahn, writer, reader, poetry-pusher &

educator extraordinaire, recently, mysteriously, invisibly,

imaginatively [as storytold in poem + fotos above] joined in

on select sojourns in at BostonTown, where

I’m temporarily in residence for great food &

expert health care.


I salute the singular Mary Lee, retiring soon after 37 years.

She incomparably devotes & dedicates her energy to

providing abundant time needed for uplift of children. Her

inventive & brilliant wings-bringing to each 

student, is the school experience 

every child should have. 

 Applause, applause applause, dear Mary Lee!!!

Here is chalk poster, from this year’s earlier fun frou! frou!

for Mary Lee’s 60th birthday. Mwah! to Mary Lee from someone feeling

joy to be part of Mary Lee’s Poetry Friday hoopla.

0 5

I also wish a boisterous Happy Birthday to today’s other marvelous

P.F. birthday person, Christie Wyman, of Wondering and Wandering fame.

who is graciously our Poetry Friday hostess –  many appreciations, Christie.

Please visit her site to find more links for this celebratory MLH week.

[I expect to return here before the month’s out, with a Bookseestudio

splash for my Highlights Foundation Novel in Verse workshop pal, 

Joanne R. Fritz, who has created a brilliant MG novel, EVERYWHERE BLUE.]


12 responses to “#MarvelousMaryLee #PoetryforMaryLee”

  1. I’m glad I could be there with you in Boston! Thank you for your kind words and poems. Two celebrations in a row make me blush! You and all the other Poetry Friday peeps are THE BEST! Thank you!

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  2. Mary Lee gets around with those carrots and flowers! I love thinking of her students as free-range bun-buns. 🙂 Hope beantown is treating you well, Jan.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love that you celebrated Mary Lee with her actions, Jan. As those news people say, “Watch what they do”! Actions really do speak loud! Love the chalky celebrating too! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. All around Mary Lee Marvelous post, Jan! The ‘Brown Fur on Green Canvas’ picture and poem made me smile. I love me some bun-buns! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. JG, what a lovely full and overflowing post about Mary Lee. I’m sure she will be so blessed when she sees it. I love the poem about the Harriet Tubman statue and that Mary Lee left a bouquet of flowers. Beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

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