Pubbed! Fresh Fish book & MoSt Poetry Center chapbook

What do you know about your statewide poetry people? After my children’s picture book debuted I added nourishing connections in children’s literature, internationally, nationally & statewide which endure. Hey, that’s how I found you, wonderful nest, #PoetryFriday. In crazy 2020 I pursued an added path, answering writing prompts from poem makers in my area who aren’t necessarily involved with literature for children.

From a call for submissions shared by Florida State Poets Association, which I joined, first-time, two original poems found publication online with the Lake Cane Restoration Society in May 2020. This made me a Bard of the Lake, for “Meditation” and also, “Orlando Orilla de Lago”

Through exploring this long noodle of a state’s poetry community, one of my poems is fresh-pubbed in an art book from the Florida chapter of the Studio Art Quilt Associates. More on this in a second. Next, please know I expect to read a new poem online with a poetry community on Sunday, Feb. 21. I wrote it from a prompt-a-day poetry challenge that ran from mid-Dec. ’20 to mid-Jan.’21. [listening/link info is below] 

This newest prompt idea connected with me in two ways. It’s a wordpool. I first learned about (& silly me, forgot about) wordpool from Susan Goldsmith Wooldridge in her nourishing guide poemcrazy. Gary Thomas of MoSt Poetry Center in California brought me back to brilliant Susan by casting a wordpool. This was his Prompt #19/ January 2, 2021. His poem puzzle challenged us to conjure poetry to include: bleach, Blursdays, hellacious, levitate, salty & wig. Thought I: UGH! Didn’t do it.

But came the end of the prompts from MoSt/Gary. I didn’t feel a pull to other of the lines I had scribbled/doodled in response to the great ideas. But. Pinged in my heart by one word, I went back to that #19 Day wordpool. As someone with dear pals who have lost (& recovered) hair due to cancer treatments, and because I’m living/working post-treatment for stage 2+ kidney cancer that I appreciated receiving great surgery for in 2018, time-two around, with the prompt, I acknowledged the wicked word, wig. Dear people, it wigged me out. So, I knew that with my fear of this word, I should dig deeper. The result is my poem, “Shore good friday,” in the fresh-printed MoSt chapbook, which I expect to find in my traditional postal box any day. To listen to how I put wig & those unlikely companion wordpool words into “Shore good friday,” tune in this week, Feb. 21. It’s a MoSt Poetry Center two hour program & my spot is likely in the last hour because fortunately, two fabulous poets are keynotes of this Sunday’s event. I expect to share “Shore good friday” here in a post, later. **Time note** The MoSt link shows Pacific Time, as MoSt is in Modesto, Calif. I’m figuring on 5-7 p.m. EST. 

Back to FRESH FISH. I glom onto this book’s vibrant colors & forms. Rich, luxurious, playful,  delightfully fantastical, sometimes moody hand-made textile artworks ~~ all mesmerize me. International art contributors are from Canada, Sweden and the UK. It’s also a joy to blend with poets not only from my fabulous region of the universe – Florida – but also, who knew poets in Wisconsin, Ohio, Virginia, Louisiana, Oregon & California would become colleagues in publication?

My favorite FF piece, shown here with bias admitted, is by Maggie Vanderweit, a renowned textile artist in Ontario.  FRESH FISH, Textile Artists and Poets Explore Underwater Life is expected to swim again, as part of a future event in a gallery setting, when traveling members of the Studio Art Quilt Associates convene their delayed in-person international conferencing. 

Susan Goldsmith Woolrdidge        Florida State Poets Association            Studio Art Quilt Associates


Bookseedstudio is part of the #PoetryFriday community that visits around on line & when lucky, in person, to celebrate poetry. We are hosted  inventively this week from Haiti by Ruth who is stitching together a community poem! [I added yellow lion lines] & next week, please visit with our host, Karen E.



18 responses to “Pubbed! Fresh Fish book & MoSt Poetry Center chapbook”

  1. You inspire me!
    I opted not to wig when I had chemo (lo these 20+ YAY years ago), but the trauma around hair loss is real, wig or no. Good for you that you went back to that word!


  2. Your post is such a nourishing brew, Jan! I love how you reach out to make connections and celebrate the wonders of the world with your words and exuberance. I especially liked your contributions to Ruth’s collaborative poem.

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  3. Congrats on your new pubs! I like how you model the continual reaching out we need to do as writers and poets. As of yet, I have not done such reaching out to my state writer’s groups. I do know some local writers and have started to form associations with them. This year I set goals for publication and for “networking” and submitting works to calls for publications and contests. I am working towards those goals. It’ll be interesting to look back next year and see what happened. Thanks.

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  4. What a great thing to get to know the poets in your state and that you make efforts to connect find rewards in friendship. I love your Fish Fandangle. Such colorful and lively language and rhyme. I’ll be thinking of barnacles dancing today.

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  5. I feel like I needed these flip-flapping, dancing fish today when everything is frozen here. The burst of yellow in the photograph is like a bit of sunshine. Thanks, Jan.

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  6. Wow, & congratulations, Jan. It’s lovely to read about all that’s going on poetically in your life. That “Fish Fandangle” certainly shows the ocean “under” is not the quiet, peaceful place we imagine when we walk in the shallows. Have a lovely weekend!

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  7. Wow! So many great connections to poetry happening in your life in Florida. Congratulations on the publishing. Keep at it. You’re a part of the PoetSea now!

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  8. Oh Jan. Your fish poem spoke to me – I have been snorkelling this week, and felt that ‘drowsy balm’ as I floated amidst schools of silver. So good for the soul! Your post is also a wonderful insight into your process and your life. Thankyou!

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  9. Congratulations! How exciting to make all those poetry connections and see your poems pubbed in places with such fabulous company. The textile art with your poem is stunning.

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  10. Whoooooo Hoooo! How awesome to see “pubbed in.” Congrats, Jan. And, thank you for a peek into your process…as difficult as parts were. This is a lovely creation and collaboration. I feel an artist date with fish in my future!

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