Chocolate news, 2nd edition.


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Doodle~toodle:::: sending all my PF poet pals Valentine love! Hoopla abounds about Feb. 14 candy, yes?  So I hope you can spend time this month, or any time, with a NEW student video & radio interview, dear to my heart. Because of #FSU college students’ hard work, we have become fans of TONY’s anti-slavery chocolate, finding it with ease at online purveyors & walk-ins.

Below, my fresh d r a f t poem, “He said”

He said

He said “Get in Good Trouble”

and he meant it I know

reading about, seeing newsreels of

Rep. John Lewis, giant of civil

protest & action no longer

walking the Earth.

I feel what students are

doing about

child abuse in production

of our chocolate treats, fits.

“Get in Good Trouble”

© JGAnnino

Meet young friends advocating against the still-occurring in 2021 child abuse in the production of cocoa:

Just released! on You Tube

Regional NPR on January 8, 2021   [students’ foto is from before the epidemic]

TONY’s very unusual chocolate bar story is here.

[PoEtrY Friday! I welcome poetry tips/news/links in the moderated comment box, below & I look forward to visiting your blog. I’m linking this post in Poetry Friday with marvelous Molly. Nix the Comfort Zone.] Next week be sure to stop by Ruth’s blog, from Haiti.



21 responses to “Chocolate news, 2nd edition.”

  1. Jan, thanks so much for educating me about the less-than-sweet aspects of chocolate! As a rule follower, it’s been so important for me to consider and embrace the value of making “good trouble.”

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  2. I’m all in for chocolate, especially chocolate that makes the world a better place. Thanks for sharing about Tony’s and the good trouble students are doing, inspired by John Lewis.

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  3. Wow, Jan. Thank you so much for sharing about Tony’s and all of the other resources here. I hope Lewis’ “good trouble” continues to encourage people to agitate for change.

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  4. I read through all of Tony’s story, Jan, will order some & keep watching what they have to share with us. Thanks for this, and for your poem that highlights some more “good trouble”.

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  5. I just read an arc of a cozy mystery where part of the plot revolves around human rights abuses in the chocolate industry. How synchronistic that it shows up here, too! I don’t buy much chocolate as chocolate (I prefer bakery treats, which of course use chocolate, too). I need to read a bit more about this topic though and make an effort to find fair trade choc. My problem is I don’t eat any plain chocolate–wondering if there are Heath or Skor bars made with FT choc…Okay, thanks, Jan!

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    • Appreciations for the future novel info dear Laura. Can you share any title/author name deets?

      Sea salt caramel is the TONYS chocolate that the young gal in our family prefers & TONYS offers others flavors but a buyer may not find it at a local store & plan to order online. I make a fabulous flourless chocolate cake with the cocoa powder so I’m wanting TONYS to offer the powder!


  6. Oh, my. I love chocolate. I’ve been “treating” myself to a tiny bit of fair trade chocolate each week. I appreciate learning that we have work to do on this front and more good trouble to make. Sigh. Why, oh, why does the world insist on taking what could be had for not that much?

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