Holocaust Remembrance 1/2021


Needed More Than Ever Is this a crucial year?  Yes. More than ever it’s necessary to remember the mass murders carried out in multiple European countries in World War 2, only to satisfy Adolf Hitler’s maniacal desire to annihilate children & families who were Jewish.

Symbols of hate, including Hitler’s swastika & a mocking T-shirt that bore the message “Camp Auschwitz” were as sickening to see as was the violence in the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

I’m pleased to share that this month young writers in my big state (Florida) began thinking of what they will submit to the WHITE ROSE program by early March, 2021. This event engages students in grades 9-12 – traditional or home school settings – to express thoughts about the bold, brave & lesser-known German high school and college students who became Nazi-resistors. They worked against their narcissistic leader & his campaign of genocide that led to The Holocaust. WHITE ROSE was one crucial resistance campaign.

If you know of an educator or student or other learning community such as synagogue where the  essay project information is unknown (perhaps to start the essay effort in another area?) please pass idea of the project along. I’m delighted to know this is the inaugural year of the prize, which feels in keeping with the synergy of peace-teaching & kindness-spreading I felt Jan. 20 watching from home, the inaugural of Joseph Biden & Kamala Harris & that evening’s uplifting activities & events.

Click to access WR-educator-guide-1.pdf


Appreciations to both the Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center and to the Holocaust Education Resource Council for the information.

Why is this a Holocaust Remembrance time? It was on January 27, 1945, that Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest Nazi concentration and death camp, was liberated by the Red Army. Another annual Holocaust Remembrance time is in April, a month WHITE ROSE students were executed in Germany for trying to create Peace.

More resources

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum https://www.ushmm.org

Kip Wilson, author of WHITE ROSE, an outstanding & award-winning Young Adult verse novel. The book’s poems follow German student Sophia Magdalena Scholl to her sacrifice, once she begins to understand the murders of children & others her country commits, following Hitler.  http://www.kipwilsonwrites.com

“Innocent children


by this regime.


Yet what can anyone


to stop it?”

 c.KipWilson, WHITE ROSE lines from the poem, “Truth in Rumors”





3 responses to “Holocaust Remembrance 1/2021”

  1. Oh, Jan. I was also sickened by the swastikas and that mocking t-shirt on January 6th, along with the violence. And I hope the peace and kindness we all felt on January 20th, watching first Harris and then Biden take the oaths of office, continues throughout this year (and beyond!).

    I own and have read a hardcover of Kip Wilson’s beautiful book, WHITE ROSE. (I was honored to meet her in 2017, when she and I both attended the 2nd Highlights Foundation Novels in Verse Workshop!)

    Peace and love!

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  2. Our daughter’s mother-in-law passed away two days ago. She was a survivor of Auschwitz. She and her mother were the only family members who escaped that death camp. She went on to make a life in America as a psychologist, wife, mother, and grandmother. The survivors of the Holocaust are dying out, but the memory needs to be carried along by the rest of us so that it never happens again–I fear we came close under the reign of Trump. I am so glad to see a project like the one you have described above.

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    • I’m so sorry about this & so grateful that this amazing woman & her own mother made it out alive from Auschwitz. Such a near-impossible survival.With appreciations for your sharing, dear Adrian.


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