FRESH FISH art & poetry

A watery & welcome distraction arrived Jan. 7th’s nite, in email. Allow me to share this cover of a new art & poetry collection I’m pleased to be associated with.

Cover Artists: Jerri Penney, Sally Maxwell, Michele Dowdel, Gabriele DiTota, Diana Bennet

If you love visiting a salt coast, or have a friend who is enchanted by a sea urchin, squid, starfish, seahorse and others of the sandy depths, please consider buying this gift book, a non-profit project of the international Studio Art Quilt Association

The accomplished artists featured in FRESH FISH enjoy layering their works in hand or machine stitching or a combo. Some textile artists begin a creation with blank fabric or even papers, and then add dye, paint, embellishment, printmaking technique, drawing, photo transfer, embroidery, beading or buttons, among the many features of fine art quilting. Some pieces are collages or assemblages. I’m thrilled my poem in this juried art collection, “Fish Fandangle” is paired with the talented visual artist Maggie Vanderweit. 

While poets write about an individual work of art in what we call ekphrastic poetry, inspired after spending time with a sculpture, painting or other work of visual art, we weren’t writing poetry in that method. The process here followed a serendipitous difference to create an undersea world of joy. Literary & visual artists arrived separately at their contributions ~ working from the same sea theme ~ an unexpected process I found organic, scary & a bit magical. I hope you do, also. The 90-page book features 97 works of visual art & 39 selected poems. Although I haven’t yet held the book in my hands, my understanding is that it’s a book for both adults and school students who are enraptured by encountering all sorts of life in the sea. (Mermaid alert!) And, it’s especially for readers whose eyes love to linger over textile arts.

Until Feb. 1, FRESH FISH can be purchased & shipped postage-paid via the Studio Art Quilt Association, through this link. After, it can be found at a different price on Amazon. I’m eager to put up another post on this book at a later date, when I expect to share colleagues’ poetry from it, with a line or two of mine. But of course, I hope you will be holding the poems in your own hands.

:::: Peaceful wishes for you at this fraught time. This poetry post is part of the informal & nourishing Poetry Friday community. The first week of the new year Ruth hosted Poetry Friday & now Sylvia handles collecting us this current week with a wonderful list of poetry books to be published for young readers in 2021. The following two Fridays, we travel with Margaret & then with Laura. On the last Friday of this new month of the new year 2021, we return here to Bookseedstudio.


15 responses to “FRESH FISH art & poetry”

  1. Your fresh fish remind me that I haven’t posted any pics from the mosaic mural I was involved in (as a total newbie to mosaics!). Aside from the fact that it too had a fishy/sea theme, it also had 3D elements, that were very cool. I must put a retrospective post on my blog – and perhaps use it as inspiration for a poem. 🙂 (I too have been involved in a text/art project in the past, inspired by place – but in our project, it was text as art; so the authors went first, and wrote (mine was a piggy bank shape poem – cause my ‘place’ was a bank) and the artists then had to use a portion (or all) of the words in their own work of art. The opposite to ekphrastic poetry. (Here is my post about it; Your project sounds fun. I can imagine all the feelings! Looking forward to seeing internals, with your poem and the art side-by-side. Congratulations!

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  2. Congratulations! That book looks gorgeous. My daughter quilts (nothing that fancy) and would love seeing those fine art quilts and I will soak up the poetry. Who doesn’t love the sea?

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  3. I do some quilting when I have time, but I am blown away by some of the fine art quilts that I have seen. There is a show every year at the Schweinfurth Museum in Auburn in Auburn, NY. Congratulations on having your poem as part of this lovely book.

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  4. Ekphrastic poetry is a rich area to explore, Jan. And having the tactile element — even richer! Since I am a knitter, I’m looking forward to reading poems about textile art.

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  5. Congratulations on this new book! I love the idea of pairing art and poetry and this underwater life theme seems perfect for suggesting lots of rich images and topics. Thanks for sharing this for our Poetry Friday gathering!

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  6. I saw the cover on twitter this morning and fell in love with it. Thanks for the tip! I’m not sure I can get the book right now, but I’m putting in my book wish file.

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