d-liver d-letter


some picture books about postal mail


I slip a hug onto paper.

Pen a poem.

Soothe a tear.

Share a quest.

Mail it off

to a point further west.



For some seniors, the postal mail is medicine. ~~ actual prescribed

pills that arrive to keep a BeLoved alive. And for most seniors & juniors,

personal paper mail is the good medicine of a smile from far off miles.


This year, many of us want our US Postal Service to be delivering election mail.

But Republicans in the Senate need to stand up to the President in the White House as he appears to plan to eviscerate the Postal Service & thwart the 2020 vote-by-mail elections.


My love of postal mail is generational.

My parents wrote (and saved) fun postcards to each when they were courting.

If not for the historic U.S. mail, my father wouldn’t have received from his

relative, the cherished Civil War love letters that a Union Lieutenant relative wrote his

fiancé. They married, after the war!

Our daughter and her husband send us paper mail delights from their changing postal zones. I think her delighted reading and opening of all the little envelopes in THE JOLLY POSTMAN  interactive picture book, by the Ahlbergs) set her up for a StampLife.

Not only am I happy to have postcards and sweet personal letters sent to me, I also love to trade through the US postal mail. I can’t imagine how shopify and etsy traders would have fared without the USPS. Here, a nod to my favorite Poetry Friday etsy shoptraders, Robyn and also, Michelle.


On one of our several trips to D.C. we family Postal Lovers visited our US Postal Museum. We had fun!


I find it wrong-minded and unpatriotic (nod to Ben Franklin)

clearly an Anti-USA act, to stifle, squeeze, or shutdown the historic and necessary hallmark of a free government

that my postal service is. Here are some resources.



League of Women Voters




Buy US Postage Stamps online. Create an account for free. LOVE stamps, flowers, cartoon characters & other miniature works of art, can come at you in your postal mail.

In these times of #saferathome, #selfisolating  we’ve felt fortunate to use the snorkel USPS collection boxes.

Here’s a picture of them from Wikipedia. 

YOUR TURN:  Any memorable songs or poems, when you think of postal mail? Enjoyed reading a book to children that features postal mail? Find the link for moderated comments box, below with my appreciations. [ a wonkiness in digital land here at the moment, so there may be x-tra space before box.]

For more on #PoetryFriday, please see Renee and please visit Molly this week @ NIX THE COMFORT ZONE.



15 responses to “d-liver d-letter”

  1. What with the post office issue in the public eye, your post rings a bell. I love my postman. He is so sweet and always so friendly. I often think of his service when he is on vacation because the other postal workers do not have the same smiling faces. They may be good but you know one special person makes a difference. Since we are voting with absentee ballots by mail, I especially want the postal service to deliver the mail to the right place at the right time.

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  2. What a wonderful, and rich post Jan, thanks for the nod to my Etsy Shop! I’d love to visit the Postal Museum looks like it’s chock full of history which I love. Charming poem, and charged performance with Stevie Wonder; here’s another mail related song: “Please Mr. Postman” https://youtu.be/425GpjTSlS4 xo

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  3. Great post, Jan. I’m trying to think of books related to postal mail (besides the Dear America series)…Dear Mrs. LaRue: Letters from Obedience School is brilliant (https://amzn.to/3iOPSa5). And Cynthia Grady’s Write to Me is nonfiction that’s not to be missed (https://amzn.to/3iO1CJT). Songwise, I’m just hearing, “I’m gonna wrap myself in paper, I’m gonna roll myself in glue…mail myself to you.” From the old Barney t.v. show. Lord help me.

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  4. Thank you for speaking up for the USPS! It is crucial that we speak loudly about this. As you say, it has so very many important uses. I don’t do enough of the one I first knew and love your line “I slip a hug onto paper” for so effectively evoking the feeling of sending and receiving personal letters.

    I think of the song “Please, Mr. Postman” by the Marvelettes and one of my all-time favorite picture books (and I read a loooooooot of picture books)–“Toot & Puddle” by Holly Hobbie.

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  5. Thanks for this nod to the most important and necessary postal service. Most recently I have joined a letter writing campaign with Paula Bourque to shut ins during this pandemic. My daughters loved the Jolly Postman book. I think there was a letter book from American Girls that they loved as well. Perhaps we should flood the mail with letters to each other. We could set up a Poetry Friday Google Doc with everyone’s address and just hit the send button on postcards and letters. What do you say?

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  6. I never was a good letter writer. Sad, but true. But I did love ‘Letters from Felix’ – a book of assorted letters of a similar nature to ‘The Jolly Postman’, with Felix the lost bunny travelling around the world, and sending postcards from each place he visits before finally arriving back home to Sophie!

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  7. I’m watching right now & hoping that something can be done, but perhaps it is us that will need to flood those who would not stand up for the PO with our own postcards & letters? I have so many family stories, Jan, letters between parents in WWII are special because my father died in that war. I’ve sent a postcard every week to my grandson since he moved out of state, eleven years ago! I love that you mentioned the little online shops like Robyn’s & Michelle’s, ones I first thought of. And I still have my copy of The Jolly Postman. Thank you for your post that inspires and calls for action, NOW!

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  8. I have such wonderful memories of the post office and paper mail. I have a box of letters written by my grandmother that I treasure. I love mailing items and gifts off to people. I actually enjoy that as much or more as receiving mail. It’s just so fun to know someone is going to be happy soon. I couldn’t agree MORE with you about standing up for the US postal service. I’m so done with this administration. I can’t wait to vote the bum o-u-t!

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  9. Such an important post. The series of poems I’m working on is based on letters from my brother while he was in Vietnam. Because of his letters I got to know better than I ever had. I’m grateful for the postal service.

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  10. What a timely post! I’m so concerned about what’s going on with the US Postal Service right now and appreciate all the links you included. I’ll definitely be checking them out!
    Sending and receiving letters has always been a joy for me, though I’ve slacked a bit in recent years. Maybe I’ll purchase some extra stamps and step up that effort. I’m looking forward to seeing the list of poems and songs that gather in your comments.

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  11. There’s “Return to Sender” (Elvis). Some poems that I like about letters include “The Illiterate” by William Meredith and “How to Write a Love Letter” by Chaucer. Also “Physicist’s Love Letter” by Michael Meyerhofer. I have had lovely mail carriers over the years. My current one is great. Thanks for spotlighting USPS’s plight this week.

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  12. Oh, I loved The Jolly Postman, which I bought for my older son and then read to my younger son later. Still have it on my shelf! Sooo important to save the US Postal Service! I’ve bought tons of stamps (suggested by #the21ders, to be prepared to send out postcards for our debut novels next year). And I’ve even mailed letters to some friends. Actual letters! I’ll mail one to you, dear Jan, if I can find your address.

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