#ShelterinPoetry #SharonLovejoy & #NationalPoetryMonth

readings:  lyrical words, memories, in “A Lap Full of Monarchs” Sharon Lovejoy – A BOOK OF TOADS; THE WILD BRAID, Stanley Kunitz ;  teachings of Betty Komarek, Birdsong Nature Center, where I resided one summer, care-taking. 

this blog is a proud part of poetry friday

Back in March I yanked an invasive thorned vine off ou

big black mailbox only to discover my mistake –

I also wrenched a thorn-tangled

sweet jasmine vine that sheltered an underleaf jewel,




 What to do? Leave a treasure somewhere

out there? Under grandmother oak? Nestled among


Because I’ve met Sharon Lovejoy and Betty Komarek,

because I’m a reader of Sharon Lovejoy and Stanley Kunitz

I knew, I knew.

With worried hands, I carried jewel on vine fragment

to screened front porch. 




Aqua box

transparent nursery

paper mache wiggle

hang out to dry

probe cut-fruit sustenance

walk through open door


all photographs copyright 2020 JanGodownAnnino, all rights reserved





Usually-welcome little brown lizard

creeps up (off-camera) thru foliage outside

yon door. Spotted not by me,

but by my eagle-eyed husband,

attorney advocate for kids,

who misses little about a predator.

Butterfly hadn’t graduated from walking to

more than a bunny hop, yet.

I stopped taking video & stills, tip-toed past

ground-floor butterfly &

placed barriers between it & the liz.



After about 6 ticking minutes, monarch did fly

out & up & away, on Easter Sunday, 2020.  As Betty Komarek would say, “Blessed Be.”




24 responses to “#ShelterinPoetry #SharonLovejoy & #NationalPoetryMonth”

  1. And you gave all of us a ‘bright moment” to wonder at, to be thankful for, to appreciate. Sending love to you and your husband-and of course, to your winged wonder.

    P.S. Having my name dancing through a sentence with Stanley Kunitz, wowow.


    • Whenever I need a garden moment but can’t get outside, I garden with you – by reading one of your books. Can’t wait for your next.
      Can’t wait for your next.
      Appreciations for these good words, dear Sharon.

      (p.s. methinks if you two would have met in a wood, a field, a pasture, a salt beach, you would have been pals for life )


  2. Such an uplifting Easter story, Jan. You and your husband’s kindnesses paid off big time for that one grateful soul.


    • It was our first-time to witness from our own garden, tho’ we’ve been enchanted at butterly gardens here in Florida & also in science centers elsewhere. It was touch & go, with lots of whoop-di-do! at “go.” 🙂 Appreciations!


  3. I love “nature-glued” and “transparent nursery” and really the whole poetic story! Aren’t you have lucky to witnessed the whole process? Thanks for sharing that small miracle with us.


  4. Reading on this beautiful Saturday morning & celebrating that the “liz” was thwarted! Happy weekend, Jan. May it fill up with other wonders, too!


  5. Oh, Jan….beautiful poetry, beautiful husband guy who doesn’t miss a think about predators, beautiful butterflies. Beautiful you!


    • A great gift, your words are, Linda – thank you.
      And what an unplanned gift that vine yank was, leading to the sweet entertainment the emerging creature was Easter Sunday. We just never know what bright moment is headed our way. I’m headed over to your blog soon for some LindaTime sparkle 🙂


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