Summer shorts


Today’s Poetry Friday hoopla is parked at A WORD EDGEWISE, the creation of Poetry Friday public school teaching librarian-poet, Linda Mitchell.


Logbook*/ Recently I learned from artist/author John Hendrix to create a logbook.

Heart map/ In winter I learned from artist/author Georgia Heard to create heart maps.

Novel/ Recently I sent to an esteemed big city book editor, my first verse novel, completing a promise I made in 2015 to a man now my dear friend, to memorialize his year-long Holocaust escape as a 6-year-old Jewish boy,  often hiding in plain view from Nazi soldiers. It is 44 poems on 50 pages, for Middle Grade. From this work:

“funny black hat Un nouveau beret!/ messy charcoal stick Entre un artiste!/ really really really stomp on grapes? Oui! Fouler les raisins!” c.JanGodownAnnino

Poem swap/ Recently I created a poem “The Glory Season” inspired by reading Thomas Lux (thanks to writing partner M.R. Street/TurtleCovePress) to send out as part of author/poet/educator Tabatha Yeatt’s  organized joy called Summer Poetry Swap. My first time on this picnic!

Young Authors  In recent weeks (enough with the recently already!) I was honored to be an invited teaching author at a local school’s Young Authors Conference. It is guided by debut author of DHALIA in BLOOM Susan Koehler, who is on the right.

Debut author Susan Koehler (far right.) Yellow pants on the left is me.

Appreciations for your time reading here, your comments & for the everlasting joy, nourishment & love that is Poetry Friday.     Happy Summer!

c. 2019JanGodownAnnino


25 responses to “Summer shorts”

    • And you there on the lovely island with the lovely people in often unlovely situations, you, m’dear are The Inspiration.
      Wishing you many cool breezes & joys to your summer.


    • Thank you for this treasured feeling, springing from a few words, shared. I too, hope you will be reading it between covers dear Michelle 🙂 The person who inspires it is probably the most significant person I have ever met. And in my reporting career, I met a lotta ’em. O.K. I did interview my hero, Pres. Jimmy Carter. So maybe these two are on a par…

      And you are such a talented visual artist, I also treasure your comment on my sloppy logbook page. But they are more fun than any other journal I’ve ever kept.

      Joy to your summer world.

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  1. Congratulations on your novel in verse. I live Georgia Heard’s heart maps. I’m looking forward to my first time to jump in the Summer Poetry Swap too

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  2. You did it, Jan! Congratulations on sending out your verse novel!!! I know that’s been a project that’s been close to your heart and occupying your mind for a very long time. Fingers crossed for you. xo

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    • It’s that victory lap feeling for completing something that heart tugs at me
      + now what?
      A sidelined historical novel awaits fora look to
      see if there are revision possibilities.
      Your support in these years has lifted me up, dear M.
      back at ‘ya.

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  3. I am curious about what a logbook is…maybe you’ll post about yours later? Congrats on finishing your verse novel, sounds like a meaningful, touching story! Thanks for joining the swap!!

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    • Thanks Tabatha. I’ve only done one page & very personal. But that’s a natural idea, to post one. Let me try to find the link example. It featured what the logger (not a tree logger!) ate that day, who they spoke to, & such with many doodles of same. I struggle with keeping a journal & so this is a new path. Will be back with link, I hope! Thanks for the very spot-on question!


      • Well! Glitch & witch! Here is a link to a different logbook, which looks like a groovy book to have from Marissa Moss. But, not the page I saw. I’ve just searched DEADLINE, the John Hendrix blog & zilch. Maybe it flew past on twitter or pinterest or … But the page I saw was like 11″ by 6, notebook, in colors, showing food of the day, conversations, moods, more doodles & line drawings than words. It really appealed to me. Here is the differentlink, called MAX’s LOGBOOK:
        (I don’t save my searches/history so no luck there)


  4. Oh, I love that you joined the summer poetry swap. I love it so much. I didn’t get your name this time. Hopefully, you’ll have so much fun that we will swap next time. Great post…short…I mean…shortS…but power packed. Beautiful!

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    • I”m about to post it at the post office. But under the rules of engagement will not divulge the location it wings to. But I can say, no it’s not you. I am a one-weeker but perhaps next round, 2020, I’ll be game for all 4 weeks 🙂


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