Love letter

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. . . .

This week I wrote a love poem of sorts to a stranger, which you can find here on twitter. 

It was praise, appreciation, exaltation dashed off quickly for someone named a Happiness Engineer.

This is a real person working for WordPress,

who solved my kerbobble wobble of a recent post when the comment box had no gumption – wouldn’t function.

The Happiness Engineer sent me such a sweet note about receiving an original poem. (And didn’t even mention the typo!)

So now I’m of a mind to more often create a little ditty (nod to dear Michelle, Poetry Friday’s Today’s Little Ditty editor, author, creator, mentor) when I find myself saying a big thank you to the people who keep me functioning in work & at home (book finder, plumber, hurricane spotter, mole finder, etc.) Why didn’t I think of this before?

I am still so floaty that an email I sent into the void, asking for help, was read by an actual, factual, live human who bears a winsome work title & who responded efficiently with a fix. In keeping with this theme of rhyme poems of praise , I saw a poem sent along this week in social media from the Glasgow (Scotland) Women’s Library:

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Libraries, oh libraries,

We couldn’t live without you


Ain’t the world a lovely place?  Here is one for lovely you:

In a moment to spare

you left a few words

lines of flair,

like trills of the birds

-Jan Godown Annino

So many appreciations for visiting today. I want to see what you’ve written at your lovely site. And . . .

I hope you can return here next Friday, Feb. 22, when I’ve been invited to join some keen bloggers

& post a few words about a new book in town.        There will be a Give Away 🙂

2019 Book Launch Tour for Rebecca Kai Doltich & Fred Koehler WHAT IF…? THEN WE. . .

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24 responses to “Love letter”

  1. What a joyful post, Jan!! Love that you wrote a poem for the HE who helped you. This is the main reason I’ve been a loyal WP user for so long — best tech support on the web. Just the other day I did an online chat with a HE about a Pinterest problem, something they’re not obligated to do, but this particular person took the time to listen and test out a few things and make some suggestions. She wasn’t able to solve the issue, but her words must have been magic — because the next morning I was able to solve the problem myself. Fairy dust, they are!


  2. Thanks for bringing a ray of sunshine via #gratitude rhymes to us this week, Jan. What a keen and creative way to spread #poetrylove and #thankfulness. Love your Random Acts of Kindness in gratitude to those who least expect it. Pay it Forward is a wonderful way to start my week.


    • Well, dear Linda! You are hereby known as Queen of Good.
      You were the Heroine willing to jump into the Bookseedstudio void & carry my post at your site – were it necessary.
      I will be forever grateful for those fm private messages – you kept me from a panic.


    • Excellent thought, Heidi, thank you so much. So often I am grateful for ones I know & love but much more often I need to express gratitude for those I’m not actually acquainted with. So glad you could visit here & Happy Weekend!


  3. Aren’t helpers wonderful? I never would have gotten through my illness without them! Sometimes just the least significant employee is the one who makes a huge difference in our lives. Love your post and your Twitter poem, Jan!

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    • Yes! The man who wipes down the wall with a smile or the person pushing the gurney who whistles for you. Tiny tender mercies are magnified at times when we are so vulnerable. And it wasn’t life-threatening, but I did feel so boing-boing about it betwixt & between! By the way, your blog today at MY BRAIN ON BOOKS, just melts my heart. From your description I feel that SONG FOR A WHALE sounds like a mega super star book & potential movie. Must. Read. (I had seen the cover in social media, quickly, but had no idea . . . )


  4. I’m quite happy you connected to a ‘real’ person & found a fix, a Valentine of gratitude must have made that “happiness engineer” smile, Jan. I have Rebecca’s book, a wonder to love! Happy Poetry Friday!

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  5. So full of love and generosity you are, Jan – this post makes my heart happy. Thank you for pointing to the sparkly lights around us. (Once I had a major blog catastrophe – when I was HOSTING Poetry Friday and all the comments disappeared the next day – and they were eventually ‘fixed’ by the Authors Guild folks’ “Knights of the Universe” or some such as their title – ha! I like your ‘Happiness Engineer’ even better.)

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