Gather and thank

Poetry Friday’s own Teacher Dance, Linda B. gathers us this week

Poetry Friday’s spiritual Thursday of Novemeber,is gathered by Ramona. Appreciations, Ramona!

Gather and thank

For a gathering sense of shared community here,
pulled together by response to the local yoga tragedy
& the quest for valid votes in Florida governor
& senate elections, I am appreciative
for the the ahisma people,
non-harming people

For a gathering of new poems** flowing to
my pen since summer, I am appreciative

For the brave gathering of journalists at
meetings, speaking with sources, asking
questions across our states & world,
I am appreciative

For creativity, dignity of leadership & perseverance
within U.S. indigenous tribes, I am appreciative

For a gathering of most-loved ones by my
side on Nov. 22, I am so very appreciative

And for my Poetry Friday world,
all of you, ashisma people,
I am always so appreciative
to be gathered with you.

** poems!
I feel grateful that my writing guru, Adrian Fogelin, has looked over a small gathering of my new poems, written since summer, which surprised me to be on a theme. If I can continue apace, I plan to bring more to an early 2019 workshop. I will say that terms such as “flamingo”, “catamount” & “skunk ape” appear among the lines. . .


22 responses to “Gather and thank”

  1. Affirming all of your callings-forth, my friend! You are “ahisma” yourself. Thank you for these inspirations, and wishing you and yours a lovely Thanksgiving together. (& YAY re. productive writing these recent months!) XO


  2. Sounds like an interesting collection of poems Jan, with the words you gave us–all the best with the poems moving forward. Taking a deep breath from all your thankful thoughts–perhaps they will center some of the strife that has been so ever constant–thanks for sharing them and wishes for joyous celebrations in the coming week.


  3. So many things to be thankful for–and thank you for noticing and pointing them out. I look forward to hearing/reading more with that tantalizing list of words!


    • Greetings, dear Laura. Wrapping you in Poetry Friday warmth from your beloved Florida & sending kind
      wishes for all the best Thanksgiving time gatherings, with safe Family travel & many Joys.


  4. Blessings surround us if we only quiet our minds and look. Your appreciations make me find my own in my life, too, Jan, although there is more than one time we intersect, a lovely thing to appreciate. Best wishes to you and your family as you gather together.


  5. Jan, one of the most sparkly parts about you is the wonderful way you notice and share what you see in our world. I love how you draw our eye to what is good and noble and lovely. I’m not at all surprised that you have a gathering of poems that could very well find its way into print sooner than you might have imagined. I’m wishing you good pace and lots of good words. Happy Thanksgiving, dear one.


    • Appreciations for these sweet words dear Linda. And you drew my eye to that unknown simple town, Authurdale, WV, with the simplicity song at your Life on the Deckle Edge blog , so the feeling is mutual mutual. Sending vibes for many T-time treasured moments to you & your Family, with hug.


  6. For whatever reason, my post back to you could not be saved and uploaded. I will try again. I am thankful for your voice, Jan, and its appeal to continue our gathering of like-minded souls. Poetry is the thread that links us all together through trials and tribulations. It is the pulse of our collective consciousness wishing for peace and harmony in a land that is confused. May you continue to heal and write.


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