My Vacay, CleClinic Way

Wonder & Wander with Poetry Friday!

short update: Home! to find an unexpected
baby banana tree sprouted in front yard, zinnias are abloom,
firebush attracting hummingbirds & both Myer
trees showing large lemons.
goal: by Oct. 7 post a
coherent poem/follow up column, on successful surgery.

My Vacay, CleClinic Way

Aspirational Visits

Uppsala (home of The Friendly Swede)
Margate (home of Shell Grotto)
Toronto (home of House of Anansi)
Alexandria (home of The Bibliotheca)
Block Island (home of bar where my nephew sometimes performs)
Malmo (home of Raoul Wallenberg Institute)
Copenhagen (home of Hygge)
Prince Edward Island (home of College of Piping)
Fernandina (home of Fort Clinch)

Although I have personally owned, cared for &
several times have relocated during moves
between New England & Florida, a classic
large letter, linen, collectible CLEVELAND postcard,
I had never before considered
the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame City,
across shallow Lake Erie from Canada,
as a desired destination.

But now I add in CLEVELAND to my list of places rated.
Cleveland joins
3 months in Costa Rica
a season in Arizona
many US cities/states, including hikes up & down Mt. LeConte & Mt. Katahdin
some of the British Isles
Sicily, mainland Italy
Cayman Islands
Canada east (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia)
Canada central (Montreal, Toronto)
Canada West (Vancouver Island)
as top travel tickets that I recommend.

The deal with this unanticipated vacation is
I give Cleveland my kidney;
Cleveland gives me world class health care
in the taking out of it,
with the healing up of it
& so forth.

Kidney Limerick #1
There once was a kidney named Right
who tried with all of her might
to filter and function
at her grand junction
but still was not working right.

– c.2018 JGA

When my family & I realized I needed serious
up on the slab in the lab
surgery we selected Cleveland Clinic,
thought to be #1 in patient-rated trust/satisfaction
for reaching into those
urological netherlands.
We are pleased so far with the world-class
attention, education & care in pre-vacation,
pre-operation events.There are a crew of Clinic
people to praise & also, a most accommodating
staff at the campus Holiday Inn in CLE,
as we who have come to appreciate the city
call it & also a most accommodating
car ride service recommended by the Clinic.
My chipper cheer squad is
my nurturing family, Paolo, Anna & Petar.
Although it may be a full moon before I post again,
please know that I welcome
a Cleveland Clinic experiences
b Cleveland experiences
c kidney humor (see friends’ limericks below)
d your private prayers, vibes, chants & spells

Han Nolan Kidney Limerick
There once was a kidney with a tumor
Who had a great sense of humor
when operated on
It was already gone
Its presence merely a rumor

c. Han Nolan, 2018

Hillary Homzie Kidney Limerick
There was once a kidney
Named Tim
Who really knew how to swim
When he jumped
In the bath
he made quite a splash
And now pools are named after him.

c.Hillary Homzie, 2018

Adrian Fogelin Kidney Limerick
There once was a kidney so lazy
it drove the other one crazy
said K2 to K1
your job here is done
I’m tired of your lounge-about way-z.

c. Adrian Fogelin, 2018

Carole Fiore Kidney Limericks #1 & #2

There once was a woman named Jan,
For doctors she wasn’t a fan
But her kidney revolted
The Doc said, “It bolted!”
Now Jan is ready to plan

c. 2018 Carole D. Fiore

There once was a surgical scar
That could be seen from close and afar
But the patient behaved
And now she is SAVED!
And the scar left the scene by a car.

c. 2018 Carole D. Fiore

Stephanie Salkin Kidney Limerick

There once was a kidney named Kate
who came to the party quite late.
She made a big splash
but then had to dash
for a surgical meeting with fate.

c.2018 Stephanie Salkin

Michelle H. Barnes Kidney Limerick

When faced with a surgery scare,
Jan met it with humor and prayer.
Her doctors were awed
and would wildly applaud
when she sang with “exhuberant” flair.


Michelle Kogan Kidney Limerick

A trip to fair Cleveland ensued,
adieu lame kidney that brood.
I’ll sing a sweet hymn,
thwarting away grim–
join in dude success has pursued!

c.2018 MichelleKogan

Sally Murphy Kidney poem

I love to sing a kidney song
I love to sing it all day long
My kidney song is loud and clear
And I will sing it all the year
My kidney song’s exuberant
And I will sing it when I want!




15 thoughts on “My Vacay, CleClinic Way

  1. Jan, thank God you are home and healing. I’m sorry you had to go through this at all….but so thankful that you were able to get what you needed. Please keep in touch. I just know that your writing will be shaped by this!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lovely Jan,
    Great job with the good vibes! Make no room for anything else. You are held in my heart and in my prayers, and I smile when I think of you. Looking forward to seeing what you create in the months and years ahead. So much new experience and inspiration to build upon!
    Much love,

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jan, when we last saw you your kidney looked fine to us–who knew it was not working? Sorry you had to lose it but hope losing it makes you “all better” now! Wish we could take some of the pain away–we would gladly accept some for you if we could (so much for one person to have to endure alone!). But, alas, we can only send you our love and healing thoughts. Big hugs from us–Megan & Bryan (and Sidney too!)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh, wishing you speedy healing. I’m glad your experience in Cleveland was good–and that you are able to face this challenge with humor. It came at a good time for me since my mom just learned she has chronic kidney disease.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks & also thanks so much for sharing Kay.
      Most uplifting wishes for your Mom & we are sort of now Sisters in a kidney club, & sorry for the circumstances.
      If she & you are willing, I would like to be kept updated on her journey –
      jgaoffice at gmail dot com

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Jan, I read this as soon as you sent it to me and alas, I did not send you back a message but I have been thinking of you for sure. At our Beach Mass yesterday, I lifted you up in my heart for your intention of good health. I know you have humor helping you through this life event but know that your friends are rooting for you. The kidney limericks are a hoot and you a champion of life! Stay strong and grounded during your recovery time.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Well, isn’t it just like you to turn losing a kidney into an adventure?! Oh, my goodness! I’m sorry that it took kidney removal to get you to visit Cleveland. I visited once a long time ago, and it’s a beautiful city. Kudos to the fun poetry, the upbeat attitude and the ratings. You remain a major inspiration to me!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. You’ve shown the humorous side to a hospital stay, so I hope everything continues going your way! Seriously, though, Jan, I send my best wishes to you for a good recovery.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Jan — I’m so sorry that you left your kidney in Cleveland, though I’m confident you got great care. We visit the city often (it’s where my son goes to school). The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is amazing. We also love the arboretum, MOCA, and the art museum. Heal well!

    Liked by 1 person

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