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Short months
by J.G. Annino

3 short months
13 tidy weeks
92 enticing days

summer corn
summer beach
summer song

a new way –

mix up a
cool treat –
lemon mousse

write a
new line –
the end

Will these short months unfold as I anticipate
in the poem above?
I can never foresee gifts of each day,
the inscrutable continuing mystery,
adventures of each season.

At this moment I feel sure about
summer corn & already I am lifted up
from summer songs
I sing.

Will I feel confident in writing the end
for this manuscript, a rewriting of Pru’s story,
a verse novel? Expectation speculation.
But as I type this on a Monday, Teresa Hanafin of
The Boston Globe who shares my fondness
for the reminders she finds in
The Farmer’s Almanac, reminds me
Tuesday is the 170th day of the year.
This lights a fire!
To nourish my summer spirit
I looked & found, Entertaining Words II,
a found poem.

Entertaining Words II*
by JG Annino

I hope you will understand
it was either them or me

’til truth leaks out like honey
like schwarmfst skwirlp twoolm preefts brawig thrunch

how far would the wind convey
flavor of the waves, I’ll say

I’m captain of paper ships
but I need words to describe

after each rain a rainbow
all things take on great import

c. allrightsreseved by a variety of
regulars at the site Today’s Little Ditty,
as seen in The Best of Today’s Little Ditty, 2016.

“Entertaining Words II”* is
a found poem collected from ten poem lines in
The Best of TODAY’s LITTLE DITTY, 2016editor, Michelle Heidenrich Barnes.

* key to lines credits in “Entertainig Words II”
from The Best of TODAY’s LITTLE DITTY, 2016
Elizabeth Steinglass (I hope you will understand)
Tabatha A. Yeatts (It was either them or me)
George Heidenrich (’til truth leaks out like honey)
David McMullin (like schwarmfst skwirlp twoolm preefts brawig thrunch)
Audrey Day-Williams (how far would the wind convey)
Julie Larios (flavor of the waves, I’ll say)
Jessica M. Bigi (I’m captain of paper ships)
Dorianne Bennett (but I need words to describe)
Jane Yolen (after each rain a rainbow)
Rebekah Hoeft (all things take on great import)

With the two ending lines,
I went flip & flop,
see & saw,
on their order. Thoughts?

Any season, I would love to read about a poem you find in a volume of TODAY’s LITTLE DITTY, which are carefully created & curated joys that feature Poetry Friday pals & also, many well-published poets who generously suggest poem prompts.


I have dipped into a coupla yoga
classes on & off, without seeing
the pose cat/cow until this very week.
My stretches are on hiatus until I meet with
a physical therapist to unkink a hip hitch, but
that doesn’t diminish the mind stretch I find
in an artful book,
TWIST, by poet Janet S. Wong and artist Julie Paschkis.
This study of yoga poses, with a calm folkloric feel
to the art, arrived at our big black mailbox
with a clutch of ordered summer reads.

I wish you soothing summer joys between now & the
season that follows in about 10 tidy weeks.

found poem resources

TWIST resources
Janet S. Wong
Julie Pacshkis

Like others, likeminded, with work to complete this summer,
I also work as a citizen
against this heartless administration that makes a choice derided by everyone from
Laura Bush to Pope Francis,
a choice unnecessary under law,to separate infants & toddlers & older children from a parent at the U.S.- Mexico border.

with permission from # Authors& Illustrators For Children AIforChildren.org

14 thoughts on “Poetry: found poem, Today’s Little Ditty, Twist

  1. Your found poem has nourished my spirit as well, Jan! I love reading these lines in a new light of your own creation. Many thanks for spreading your poetry joy and taking TLD along for the ride. Best of luck as you keep tip-tapping away on your verse novel!


  2. Lovely summer poem Jan, but alas we now only have 10.5 weeks to soak up summer–so much to do in so little time … And your found poem was filled with “Entertaining Words.” Have an enchanting summer, and thanks for this sun-ripened post!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a bounty already from your summer! Good luck with writing Pru’s story. I hope it goes well–along with the summer corn and yoga stretches and many good books to read. Like you, I have struggled with the news this week. Just when it seems this administration can’t go any lower, it does. I do find hope, though, in the number of voices that cried out in protest.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow, I love your wordplay here! Great idea to dig in to the TLD collections and see what you can find and make.
    I am not a fan of heat, but I am a fan of 92 enticing summer days and seeing what we make of them. Hope your hip is feeling better soon!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Jan, I always appreciate your voice, your “surprised” style, as you are continually surprised by the joy of your own ideas, others’ ideas, as demonstrated in your random but lovely dive into Ditty poems. Tick tick tick I’m in those first wide-open days of summer with all the sunny pleasures yet to come, and enjoying a rainy day to wallow in indoor pursuits. Thanks for making a nice start to my morning!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I can share reviews, but am challenged to focus with the constant news swirling around, so very terrible to hear, & though I’ve acted, feel like there should be a place for all of us to shout at someone! Thanks for the fun poem from other’s lines in TLD, and for the sharing of Twist, a new title to me, Jan. Enjoy your writing as a solace for each day.

    Liked by 1 person

    • “writing as a solace for each day” – this is it! Appreciations for this phrase. It will help my focus.

      What I’ve found works is, X # of minutes, sharing important links, possible actions, in social media
      or emails & then, time’s up, back to The Work. Will see where that brings me at start of September!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Jan, what a golden basket full of of summer harvest…already! I wish you many, many days of inspired writing for Pru. I am working on a manuscript as well. However, current events have played with my emotions so much that I’m having .a hard time “being in the moment” with my writing. I am taking a dive into my manuscript right now. I take your beautiful and encouraging vibes with me. Thank you, dear one.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It cheers me to know you may be able to find some time for your own writing projects this unusual summer, Linda.
      When I need to get back into a piece sometimes it is something outside the work,
      the lift of a museum visit, or park visit or singing a song or going to a friend’s party, or making a new dessert,
      that helps me return to a flow.

      Like most of my pals, I struggle to know which of many possible actions to take against outrageous,
      inhumane government policies we are tracking every day. My focus remains on diverting my money
      to support political campaigns of those local & state office holders I feel are progressive,
      meaning with heart, humane, unlike #45.

      Appreciations for your visits here. Being in touch with you this way lifts me up.


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