Fathers’ Day 2018

On Father’s Day Weekend 2018,
I celebrate the most special helper
in my universe,
my husband,
In this article, linked just above to his name,
he has teamed up with
a colleague, Terry Coonan, to advocate
for children in our community, which is
also a job that they fulfill in their
daily work, constantly.

I am comforted
that there are
so many helpers –
so many
caring people
in this world.

Fathers volunteer in beautiful,
ways –
(Doctors Without Borders,
Big Bend Hospice, The Sharing Tree,
Lee’s Place, Peace Jam Southeast,
Front Porch Library,
Literacy Volunteers,SportsAbility,
4-H, Second Harvest, Refuge House)
& to me
it feels as a
golden scroll of Father goodness
knows no end.

If someone is tempted to dwell
in the ugly, remind them of the helpers.
Fred Rogers said it best –

“Look for the helpers.
You will always find people who are helping.”

Thank you to my dear husband & to all
the Father helpers all over the world.


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2 responses to “Fathers’ Day 2018”

  1. How beautiful. Yes, father’s stand in the gap sometimes for others that cannot or are not there. When my parents made donations to an organization that benefitted orphanages that my children are from I thanked them for being the grandparents that could not be there. It’s a world full of loss…but there are helpers. And, I prefer to keep looking at them and to them. Thank you for your beautiful post! I’m off to read about your other half.


    • Appreciations for sharing about your parents.
      GrandDads (&GrandMoms) are such important volunteers too.
      I’m also thinking of all the volunteer Dads this weekend trying to
      help out at the Tex-Mex border tent camps,
      for the 2,000 frightened children, separated from their family.
      Sending good vibe to you & your family, dear Linda.


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