The Spiritual Thursday choir collects around Karen Eastlund, via Irene Latham’s blog. And Renee at No Water River organizes the The Poetry Friday Party at her blog, with a wonderful shout out.

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In January in this space, not knowing that March would conduct
the gift of Music Month
to Spiritual Thursday,
I shared from poet Edward Hoagland:

“But songs need silences to be musical.
Prayer needs silence to be heard.
The world needs silhouetting silence.”

Today I sing a song of nature notes, for the bird symphonies
I wake to & also walk to, day into the night.
If you know someone in Alabama perhaps they catch the sounds of a surprising yellow cardinal!

Adding to sounds from Nature, a few thoughts about people-created music.
When my Father wanted soothing sound he called upon Mahalia Jackson. (Even tho’
this sweet man was an agnostic.)
The legacy of Mahalia Jackson is here.

My Mother favored most any classical French composer on record albums or also, heard on public radio, especially DeBussy, shared by NPR here.

I was never in band nor was I close to anyone in a band, but I perk up with
the music of parading high school musicians.
Anyone for a national public radio march music program we could hear from coast to coast? Having learned a lot about writing in community newspapers as a kid tagging along with my news writer Mom & then in my own career, are you surprised that my favorite is
Washington Post.
A California high school band steps out with it here.

Drums & brass horns wouldn’t have helped last month, living
on a small part of this giant blue/breen marble where the name
Parkland has become a word not at all about bucolic parks. Of the many
comforts provided the teacher, student & family survivors, I like to think
of the soothing snuffling, comforting pants & friendly behaved barks of

the Lutheran Church comfort dogs.

I lean upon a reliable choral comfort when I am not
listening to Nature. This balm is from a musician, lyricist, composer, pianist & vocalist
(all in one incomparable person)
Velma Frye.
I am soothed by her performance of An Irish Blessing, which you can easily
“>listen to on You Tube.

I cherish my collection of Velma Frye CDs,
which you can find along with Velma Frye, here.
Although I am on hiatus from singing with a special women’s song circle this talented
educator collected,
I look forward to my return another day.

I also cherish Spiritual Thursday, Poetry Friday &
music that heals.

And one more bird note,
I am imagining the chirping sound track as I read
Jason Reynolds’ AS BRAVE AS YOU, in which birds
inhabit certain unexpected spaces. His birds can be heard
by many more if a film version of this unique middle grade book is made some day. Hope so.


12 responses to “MUSIC”

  1. Jan, I never saw a yellow cardinal so thank you for that and all the fabulous links you provided. I wanted to march to the marching band tune and link with all your connections. Have a great week.


  2. What a rich and thoughtful writing here. I too perk up when music breaks through silence or other noise of the world. I’m one that doesn’t have favorites….whatever is playing now is good. Yes, NPR needs a national broadcast of marching band parade music…with a follow up of some drum & bugle corps bands.

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  3. So many musical connections! Both my kids played in marching band and orchestra so those parades and concerts are ingrained in our family memories. I’ll be back later to listen to all the musical links. March Madness (slicing daily for 31 days) combined with an upcoming visit from my kids and grandson are making their own kind of music at my house (think frenzied)! My post goes live tomorrow to serve both as my slice of life and SJFT.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I saw the bit about the yellow cardinal! So cool. And all these musical connections in your life… Jan, it’s beautiful and amazing. I will be back to give them ALL a listen. So grateful for the song you bring us in your unique and lovely way. Thank you. xo

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I was just reading along and came to “I was never in band nor was I close to anyone in a band.” I did a full stop and memories rushed in. I was in the orchestra and marching band in high school… I first joined the band as a way to attend all the football games and I loved parades. In marching band, I played (although I never really thought of it as playing, not like playing the piano) the crash cymbals. Such memories!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Jan, this is lovely. I so enjoy the musically unfamiliar places you take me to in this post. That Irish Blessing by Velma Frye is gorgeous–I’m going to listen to more of her. I too love nature’s songs… we’re patiently waiting for more spring birdsong here in the southwest corner of Canada.

    Liked by 1 person

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