Poetry Friday/Spiritual Thursday: LUNA

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I’ve been invited by Mainely Write in the
Poetry Friday group,
collected this week under the glow of the
Spiritual Thursday banner,
to think about the moon.
I love thinking about her.
Luna is a she, yes?
And to me, Luna represents joy & generosity.

Q & A with Ms. Luna

Favorite Earthling?
Mr. E.E. (Buzz) Aldrin

Favorite moon
Phobos (of Mars)

Favorite of your surface shapes

Favorite phase

Favorite poem
“The Crescent Moon” – Amy Lowell

Favorite book
Moon conversation C. copyright JGAnnino
. . .

What a super week for supermoon watchers this one is.
Here’s just one site spotlighting some of the glory.

At night, we bundle up & step out the back door. Or the front door.
We are blessed with a Luna trajectory that is nothing short of heavenly, directly over
us, rising in back & setting in front with clear views, despite living in an urban woods.
The night moon framed in a heart of live oak leaves is the view from our own
front steps. Those are branches & leaves of the grandmother oak that we
fell in love with, wanting to buy our little cottage in North Florida.
We spent a nice bit of time out front moon gazing this past Sunday evening & the
nights since. Are you getting up in the chilly pre-dawn to see her?
We have meant to, but . . .

As for Ms. Luna’s answers in the Q & A above, I can explain.

When I was a little girl, Buzz Aldrin sent me an
envelope of great goodies from NASA. My Mother wrote him that I
was tickled to learn that we had a relative in common, via
marriage. The good cheer our classroom felt from his
generous letter brings a smile to me. When I think of
the Moon I think: generous, I feel generous &
I also think: happy, I feel happy. To me, Col. “Buzz” Aldrin is
THE Man in the Moon.


Phobos is the moon that gets a lot of buzz
for orbiting the red planet Mars while wearing an
odd projectile, much commented upon,
in the space world.

Earthlings gaze at the moon and see
things. Some of the many shapes we
find in crater designs left by asteroids
striking the surface, include hands.

All four phases attract my moongaze. I am especially intrigued
when part of Luna is hidden.
Amy Lowell writes in “Crescent Moon,”
Little rocking, sailing moon/ Do you hear me shout Ahoy!/
The “Crescent Moon” poem

The picture book that changed my life is NIGHTGOWN
OF THE SULLEN MOON by Nancy Willard. Reading it over
and over at our daughter’s request, but to my delight, provided a challenge
to write in a way that spins a fantastic story for young readers
while at the same time, crafting a
luminous page-turner for all-age readers.
I love Lindsey Canesco’s tribute to this treasure book.

MY HOPE is that the moon is a muse for many artists.
I hope Col. Aldrin, who safely landed (July 20) & walked on the moon
(July 21) in 1969 continues living his exhuberant
life for many many many more moons.
(Shiver: His mother’s name before switching to Aldrin at
marriage was Moon!) I wish for your family to see fun designs in the
moon’s cratered marks. I hope many moon poems tickle your
fancy. I wish that you will read Nancy Willard’s magnificent
moon story & be moved by it.

Finally, I wish you a marvelous start to a new cycle of our moon.

Appreciations to Donna
for shining the light on Spiritual Thursday.
And this Everywhere with Special Care gal is also hosting today’s Poetry Friday.
Join in.
The luminous Spiritual Thursday logo is created by Margaret Simon.
See it here.


30 responses to “Poetry Friday/Spiritual Thursday: LUNA”

  1. What a rich post, Jan. You were lucky to view the eclipse! We caught the very edge of it before the moon ducked down below the trees and set, early in the morning. Sigh. I love, love, love your Buzz Aldrin story.


    • It sounds like you folks own an early alarm clock so you made a better effort than we did – as we stayed in the sack.
      Hope we see an eclipse some other moon….
      Appreciations for your kind words, Laura.


  2. A wonderfully rich post! Thank you for the Lowell poem, sharing your connection with Buzz Aldrin (his mother’s maiden name was Moon!), and giving me a wonderful picture book to find for my granddaughter. I love the photo of the moon through heart shaped leaves. Just gorgeous!


  3. How very special that Luna was able to take time out for an interview! Such a clever approach to a blog post, Jan. I loved reading about all your personal connections to Ms. Luna and will definitely have a look for that picture book!


    • Hah! For me it is too easy to miss a great story, poem, everything. The question is more often, how did I luck into this?
      So glad you could visit & that there is meaning here for you, Diane. Have a great weekend.


  4. I’ve moon journaled with students and by myself too, collected all sorts of moon books & yet I don’t know the Willard book. Thanks, Jan. I love hearing about your letter from Buzz Aldrin and I love the memory of that first walk on the moon. It’s a beautiful and creative post!


  5. I was struck by your photo. I lamented that the super blue blood moon was so high in the sky, because it sure would have been good to add some tree bones for mood and effect. And you could! Love your Buzz Aldrin connection.


  6. Jan, your exchanges with Luna were delightful. That is a clever way to create engagement with the audience. Thanks for sharing Amy Lowell’s poem. It is a perfect one to read to my little grandbaby. She loves to be read to so this poem is short and able to read over Google Hangout before bedtime.


    • It made every aspect of the great race to space super-charged for our family. And I’m so grateful my Mother wrote him, which prompted the kind memento he sent & that she was wonderful to save.


  7. What a wonderful family connection you have to the moon! That’s pretty special. You’ve left us with so many lovely moon resources. I’m going to bookmark your page and come back to check them out more fully later.


  8. Jan, this post is so rich and beautiful! I love your Q&A with Luna… your zany creativity shines! And a real-life letter from Buzz! (Yes, Shiver me “Moon”!) Treasures, all… as are YOU. I didn’t see your link on the padlet? Maybe try again, so others will see this beauty as well? Off to look for Willard’s book… what a title! xo


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