Nature nurtures

A lush hush
image & words
C. JanGodownAnnino
all rights reserved

A lush hush is what nourishes me these days.

“(But songs need silences to be musical.
Prayer needs silence to be heard.
The world needs silhouetting silence.)”

copyright Everett Hoagland all rights reserved,
in HERE: New and Selected Poems,
lines from the poem by Hoagland, “In the Boston MFA”

Hello in this top of 2018.
The early months of this year I plan to
hibernate in a cave of writing.
I will have interviews to check facts,
trips to the library & bookstore
for more books
& to meet a writing partner.

But more than in other months, I plan
to not hear much that is not Nature
during the hours
my husband is out of the house
at work with his law students.
Today begins a mini-retreat of
working silence,
renewed each day.

Because I do read about the world
intently, I will support causes &
in letters and button clicks & emails.
But most of all, I expect to listen & learn
from silence.

Mr. Everett Hoagland whose HERE is
my first step in studying his work,
is a poet new to me. I am
transfixed with his honest & heart-felt
takes on the way African & African-American history
is treated, such as the story of Joann Little
& others.

I hope your beginning
days of 2018 are as voice-filled,
or quiet,
as you need or like. In any event,
my wish is that the Nature in your area
nurtures you.


15 thoughts on “Nature nurtures

  1. I do love the way that nature nourishes us. Just today grandson and I stood at the window watching the rain fall and singing about it. I like the idea of embracing lush hush. Although with a toddler in the house (watching grandson Jack), we embrace lots of babbling these days!


  2. Jan, I am sitting here contemplating what you said about a lush hush filling your days. Silence is a powerful space to be immersed in. I welcome it sometimes and then other times, I am in need of social company. Today, I opened the door during the blizzard to hear what Mother Nature was saying. She allowed the powerful wind that was scattering the snow hither and thither to roar with an amazing howl. Would you consider creating an image poem or maybe offering the one you shared in this post for my next gallery, #WinterWonderland18❄️ . Hawaii certainly sees a different side of winter than here in the Northeast.


  3. I get daily nurture from nature. Tuning into quiet and soul searching are such luxuries. I’ve been enjoying this kind of quiet my last few days of our winter break. I’ll come back to it in the hectic days ahead.


    • Hello Margaret! Whenever I think of you, I am reminded of pictures by you of immersion in the lush bayou. You nurture young lives in your creative days & some years hence in their quiet times, the students grown to adults will look back upon you & know they were touched by an artistic angel.

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