Dec, 15, 2017 Poetry Friday Poetry Party

Today Radio Rhythm & Rhyme hosts a party.
And Random Noodling/ Diane wraps her wisdom around Potery Friday.
Appreciations to both of you.


Do you ever decorate for a traditional event a bit outside the box?
Here are some fresh couplets created this morning
from our North Florida neck of the woods.

Knitted jellyfish & sewn alligator float on a tree of pink
Sunny SandyLand serves pineapple juice for a Christmas drink

Our gal’s pie is pecan, as you may guess with one surprising hiccup
Good goo that teases the treat together is Vermont maple syrup!

A triangle outdoor tree evokes energetic elation
It’s nice to note each salty shipshape decoration.

– J.G. Annino







Wishes for Light, Love & Laughter & with hugs of appreciation for Poetry Friday & KidLit Friends.

21 thoughts on “Dec, 15, 2017 Poetry Friday Poetry Party

  1. Oh, yum. I love that fishing net Christmas tree with lifesaving rings and buoys, like a Christmas spider wove it. And the palm tree clicks and clacks. At least the ones in Hawai’i that I remember did. I suppose there would be a salty wind. And the confusion of seagulls. Ruth is calling for warm weather Christmas lore. There is some here in this post.

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  2. My pecan pies are never so pretty, Jan, but they are all delicious! Of your words, however, I do love “salty shipshape decoration”. Wonderful!

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