THE INCREDIBLE MAGIC of BEING – supernova novel

Starlight, star bright
first star I see tonight
I wish I may
I wish I might
make a wish
to make things right


Twinkle, twinkle, little star . . .


by Kathryn Erskine
I look skyward at night & think of a boy named
Julian, because we just met
in a new novel
that reflects upon the cosmos,

Julian’s enchantment with stars leads him into
unexpected realms in his new Maine neighborhood.
But no one seems to share Julian’s focus on the cosmos.
They won’t even look through his telescope.
(I will, Julian, I will!)
Star study with Julian and his new buddy,
grumpy Mr. X Sciacchiatano, is good for the soul.
As soon as I could,
I reread this book to see how the award-winning
author worked a big bit of magic on me, back there.
I can’t say what it is or that’d be a spoiler.

I laughed out loud (p. 150, p. 210) &
cried (page 213 & + others.) This middle grade book
has been my escape hatch from the unstellar political news.
More important, INCREDIBLE will entertain &
enlighten the sort of kids whose vocabulary is expanding
like the universe. You know, the nerds.

Almost-10-year-old Julian is fixated on the night sky,
creating custom sky charts. Julian stops
to appreciate sunsets & likes to discuss death,
or rather, the afterlife.
He is ultra aware of feelings, his surroundings &
sudden small events
likely to happen. He also lives with a big medical
secret about his body. And he is deathly frightened
of one thing, not related to his
medical history. Or, maybe it is.
Julian’s family members – two high-achieving
Moms & teen sister Pookie – are frequently
& mainly unattentive to his interests.

The family’s move to Maine from Washington, D.C.,
to operate a lakefront B & B,
launches the family into what becomes a supernova of
odd occurrences & incredible coincidences.
I loved being along for Julian’s journey.
His advice to avoid dark energy & listen to
what the universe whispers to me sounds wise. And
INCREDIBLE inspires me to remember
star poems of childhood.

I bought this book myself & urge you to go find it at
your library or bookstore. I found this cosmos video and
music on You Tube, which I feel Julian could have created,
(although he didn’t.)
Also, during the time that this book that celebrates coincidences
was my travel reading, our path took me to a park
named Julian (Dr. Julian G. Bruce State Park) near a village
where we stopped in our tracks
to admire a starship. Magic to me.


. . . .

It’s Poetry Friday, so take a few shining
steps with it here.

18 thoughts on “THE INCREDIBLE MAGIC of BEING – supernova novel

      • Thanks, Jan. I’m having a run-over-by-a-truck sort of day today, and it’s nice to see the comments I make on my more energetic days. 🙂 One of my nerds is reading history for fun. Another is going to a state tournament for robotics and another is planning to take over the whole world, starting with the supply of candy. 🙂


      • Robotics! Our nephew’s team just placed in their area competition. That’s great about your your book-reading, exploring, inquisitive persons. I have replaced some allure of candy with: Yogi brand Egyptian licorice tea (hard to get a boy to drink tea, I know) candied ginger root pieces from our local food-coop & lower-sugar baby cookies like the Sesame Street alphabet kind (hard to get a growing boy to go back to Sesame Street…but I course I revel in that.) Sugar is addictive so it’s a long-range, in-for-the haul endeavor. Love.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Thanks for sharing Kathryn’s new novel, Jan. I just read Mama Africa! and know that this will be good, too. The parts you shared are very enticing!


  2. This book sounds like a winner, Jan. I always enjoy your book reviews. An aside, I saw stars for the first time in years when I was in Tuscon in October. I was so amazed and felt enveloped in a beautiful universe.


    • Hi Star Gazer! With this evocative description of your reunion with stars, I want to tip you off to the novel by Sena Jeter Naslund, AHAB’S WIFE OR THE STAR GAZER, which is not only about stars but they do figure prominently. I appreciate that your star is here today with Bookseedstudio.


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