Irma’s Tinkerbelle

(PoemFriends are peacefully greeted (Sept. 21 – International Peace Day) over at The Poem Farm with Poetry Friday host, Amy.)

Directly across our house. From Hurricane (tropical storm) Irma Sept. 2017

In flights of twos and tens,
hummingbirds darted in light rain to a feeder
I watched in Alabama.
That was one of the beauty spots
calming us
when we evacuated North Florida,
away from high winds
and waterfalls of Irma’s rain.

Maybe because my pictures of them define blurry,
or there were so many
of the whirry, bitty birds,
I made a startling leap of
imagination. J.M. Barrie must have been a
hummingbird watcher
. And I decided that
hummingbirds must have been his inspiration for
Tinkerbelle in PETER PAN.


Our city & county officials called for
a voluntary evacuation.
When a sturdy, outdoorsy,
trusted writer pal informed
me of that alert, we knew it
was right to go with the flow.
Although I had snared the last room reservation
at a chain hotel we like, it was nicer to give that up
to another family & accept
the offer of shelter of another writer pal, whose
spacious house at tree top level,
book-filled from beam to brim,
defines the word retreat.

The hovering Tinkerbells inspired me to
write a poem, Jaunty,
in longhand there (below), which
may fit an intriguing
prompt from Carole Boston Weatherford

I also found out how one very special canine
works a laptop.
I read borrowed books from our pal,
Joan Broerman, author, writer’s workshop leader
who is a legendary leader in the Society of Children’s Writers & Illustrators.
In generous Joan fashion, she also gave me a book for the road
(BIG MAGIC, Elizabeth Gilbert.)
My hubby & I so very much appreciate Joan for providing calm
energy & generator advice & much more
in the storm.

Maggie & Me

Back home, in North Florida Irma slowed
to a wide, walloping tropical terror, downgraded
from a hurricane.
Irma veered away east of our North Florida hilly town,
leaving people to cope with downed trees & hours
without power. I hope that many, looking at the
destruction on islands and along rivers/lagoons/canal
understand how fortunate they are not to have to live
in a Florida flood plain. (This is land that should
be set aside from development, as along the
Hillsborough River near Tampa.)

Here is my Hurricane Irma poem.

by J.G. Annino

A bitty bird creature,
empty feeder.
Food gone.
Hovers, hovers, hovers.
Human helper, help instantly!
Jaunty keeps looking.
More nourishment needed!

One person
winsome wonder.


Thank you all, first responders. Thank you librarians, who are among the many groups organizing for hurricane relief.

Thank you for collecting images of Hurricane Irma’s impact,
Washington Post , including photographs from my
beloved streets of coastal Southwest Florida,
where I no longer work & live, & from coastal Northeast Florida, where
we sometimes play.

20 thoughts on “Irma’s Tinkerbelle

  1. “ultra-vibrant
    winsome wonder.”

    Stunning. I love your poem. We have hummingbirds who come to our feeder, and we hear them before we see them!. And Tinkerbell….of course! Please allow me to recommend the book FASTEST THINGS ON WINGS by Terry Masear if you love these creatures… I am so glad you are safe, so glad you had a beautiful book-filled retreat with a friend. Peace. x


    • A double tip of the wings to you Amy, in appreciations for the
      book suggestion, which answers one of my questions about the winsome
      wonders, within the great title. I’m sure I’ll learn much more from
      Terry Masear, an author name new to me. I’m much thankful for your
      kind words.


  2. Jan and Joan together – what a wonderful thought! Jan, glad you all are okay. I just returned from Orlando this afternoon (helping out as my mom is going through medical treatments), and I just posted on FB a thanks for the AMAZING number of bucket trucks I saw — from so many different states. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and heart in this post and poetry – and for that room, which I’m sure was much appreciated by another fleeing family. XO


    • I am solid with you Robyn in appreciations of these fleets of utility truck folks, representing long hours under often tough conditions. And so many healing thoughts to your Mom & strong support thoughts to you, loving daughter of her dear Mom.


  3. Jan, we just added further proof that there is a blessing in the heart of every storm. You and Paolo and I (Maggie, too) had a delightful visit while the wind and rain raged. My neighbor was thrilled to hear that his hummingbirds lifted your spirits.
    Best of luck with all recovery efforts. Come again soon. Our welcome mat is out and we have books to discuss. Hugs,


  4. You, too, are an “ultra-vibrant winsome wonder,” Jan! Jaunty is such a fun poem. I love “Human helper, help instantly!” Your Tinkerbell-hummingbird connection also seems to be spot on and I’m so relieved to know you found such a warm and inviting Irma retreat.


    • Aww. You are a beam of sunshine, with your monthly Today’s Little Ditty prompts. The ABCDarian from Carole Boston Weatherford is collecting some alpha poems every day.

      And the lucky retreat is solely thanks to #SCBWI magic -how I met Joan years back.


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