Whee! Here We Go!

Just the sort of thing I would sing after –
a holiday weekend traffic jam is unstuck, OR
we set out on a loooong beach walk that doesn’t end until land ends, OR
my verse novel clocks in at halfway home.
I can now say I’ve experienced these three.

So this post celebrates a gift that Bookseedstudio
received aways back, awarded for my correctly
guessing the number of dactyls jammed into in a jelly jar
or somesuch feat over at Today’s Little Ditty,
which is also known by me as
Today’s Little Delight.

My prize is to finally pop the cork on my
pretty copy of the
anthology HERE WE GO, created by poetry mavens
Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong.

My particular sample of the book is graced with
autographs from poem makers Robyn Hood Black and
Michelle Heidenrich Barnes. Alongside them, between
World art covers from Franzi Draws, are
Naomi Shihab Nye, Joseph Bruchac,
David Harrison and Renee LaTulippe, among a buncha
poet luminaries whose work I
like to fetch off the shelf for fuel.
Because of this book
I am also now a fan of artist Franzi. Go look
her up.

“HELLO” copyright, Franzi Paetzold, all rights reserved

HERE WE GO, lifts up ideas on every
page of the slim volume,
which is also a workbook. But I especially
want to share just a coupla lines from two poems.

Girl Grit

What if
I saved lions
some endangered species
using every strong, skillful word
I know?

© Margaret Simon

Look for the Helpers

Look for the helpers
the healers
the givers

The arms-open
everyday heroes.

© Michele Heidenrich Barnes


The main character I’m moving through
life in my 1800s-set story,
is in the business of
saving, similar to the character
in “Girl Grit.”

And she is also looking for the
everyday heroes
of “Look for the Helpers.”

The full poems are in the book. If your students or you are about saving
and helping, remember to crack open your
copy if you have one, or find a sample for your
table. Lucky you, if you nailed a coupla autographs!


HERE WE GO Final front cover 121116 JPEG

32 thoughts on “HERE WE GO

  1. Added note: Apologies to poet Margaret Simon, for not being able to wrestle the correct lovely spacing into my post, from her poem as it appears in HERE WE GO. Another reason to order your own copy.

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  2. What a great celebration for HERE WE GO. We need more that “lifts up” … more that is “about saving
    and helping.” Love the lines you shared. I don’t have Here We Go, but I’m enjoying Just You Wait.


  3. Enjoyed this, Jan, especially the way you style (or unstyle) your posts, and congratulations on those moments of release and a halfway-through your verse novel. Shiny grit!


    • Oh, Heidi, thank you with a long beach walk on top, for that.
      It is quite the whee! here we go moment for my character & me.
      ‘Course, now we do have ta bring it on home. . .


    • Appreciations with art, added on top.
      And I love the Franzi Draws “Hello” piece, she graciously allowed me to reproduce here, from
      HERE WE GO.
      I should have pointed out that she has provided the greeting in so many languages.
      I think I’ll go take another peek later today.


  4. This post is “today’s little delight”! 🙂 Nice celebration of Here We Go, loved how you exemplified the phrase at the beginning of the post. Congrats on reaching the halfway mark with your verse novel!


  5. Congratulations on reaching the halfway point of your novel, Jan! At this rate, “here we go” will become “here it is” in no time! 🙂 In the meantime, you’ve delighted ME with this lovely review! (So how many dactyls do fill up a jelly jar?) Love and appreciations….


    • I feel so fortunate to have won HERE WE GO, Michelle, so thank you 🙂
      Hmmm….Sounds like a jelly jar contest could be hatched, for TLD!
      Happy Weekend, with dactyl hugs.


  6. Thanks so much for this beautiful post! You really captured the HEART of our venture and I’m so touched and grateful.


  7. “Here We Go” I’ve been hearing so much about it, but now I know I need to go and get it, so Here I Go, off to seek a copy. That “Girl Grit,” sure is strong as are those “everyday heroes!” Thanks so much Jan, I loved all the poetry offered here and peeks into your novel too!


  8. Jan! I am especially loving the “halfway home” comment! Keep going, beautiful, zany YOU. xo


  9. YAY, JAN! Halfway through is fantastic! Glad you’re celebrating that milestone with reading such a delightful collection of poetry. I’ve yet to read the book myself, but it’s on my list.

    And I love that you turn to poems for fuel.


    • It’s great to see you here, Joanne! I miss you & am cheering your upcoming return to the cabins trails where we met.

      When the verse novel reaches The End, I can pile on the rewards, such as read books outside of the time period
      & write more poems outside of that story & get sand in my shoes with my coastal-set MG novel not in verse.


    • Carol, I will tuck your Good Luck away for those days when it feels as if it will not come together right – appreciations!

      HERE WE GO is a heartfelt anthology & workbook – I’m glad it is having so much attention.


  10. Congrats on your own trio of HERE WE GOs (looking forward to that verse novel!), and thanks for another spotlight on another great book by Janet and Sylvia!


    • Thank you!
      Nothing beats already having an editor and contract (which I don’t) than being gifted with
      keen Poetry Friday eyes watching to see me bring this on home. Many appreciations, Mary Lee.


  11. I really need to order myself a copy of this. Ruth,


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