A Year of Reading Invites Haiku

Why hello there & welcome to Bookseedstudio’s blog.
It’s a poetry day here.

Also, please visit the
Poetry Friday collection curated this week by
thoughtful Jone at Check it Out.

I’m responding to the peaceable invitation of
Mary Lee at a Year of Reading to
think of Haiku for Healing in December.
What a soothing thought this is, just thinking of
her idea.
Dec. 13, 2015 #haikuforhealing


Spinach sausage sweets
Love lucious loaves
Nella’s Sicilian kitchen
c.2016 JanGodownAnnino

c.2016 Nella Annino

c.2016 Nella Annino

c. 2016 Nella Annino

c. 2016 Nella Annino

c.2016 Nella Annino

c.2016 Nella Annino

c. 2016 Nella Annino

c. 2016 Nella Annino

December 9,2016 #haikuforhealing

Above spring surface
Unexpected sparkle spout
Manatee breathes
c. 2016 JanGodownAnnino

C. 2016JanGodownAnnino, all rights reserved

C. 2016JanGodownAnnino,
all rights reserved

Dec 8, 2016 #haikufor healing
Frog-green baby moons
grow round by the kitchen door
love delicious discs
c. 2016 JanGodownAnnino

C.2016JanGodownAnnino, all rights reserved

all rights reserved

We chanced upon several manatees at our national treasure, Wakulla Springs last month during a Thanksgiving vacation visit. I’m tickled that for the first time my little red Canon camera is permanent witness to an exhale of one manatee’s breath.

My dear hubby planted a spinach new to us & how sweet & cute, it is!

I hope you are well & that
you are writing well, reading well.
And, appreciations to A Year of Reading!

6 thoughts on “A Year of Reading Invites Haiku

  1. My husband is part Sicilian and those treats look familiar. I am making sesame cookies today, his mother’s recipe. I hope I get to see a manatee one day.


    • Thanks for your visit & kind words, Joanne.
      We are always grateful when we experience a sighting of a wild creature in its environment, but the manatees, especially so.
      So many people are protective of them & doing the right thing in slow speed zones & they are asking if their rental boat has manatee guard shields on the potentially damaging boat propellers.


  2. I’ve seen and observed manatees several times, and my granddaughter studies them in her kindergarten year (they each chose a topic to study), so we all were involved in learning about them. Love that haiku, will share, and the picture-wow. And the “Frog-green baby moons”, really had to look twice, Jan. Your imagination sparks!


    • I am so excited for her interest in the “sea potatoes” which
      is one of their silly nicknames down this way.
      Please let me know if I can ever share any added info! I am happy to

      jgaoffice at gmail dot com

      And I have to say that you spark, Linda! Appreciations for this lively visit.

      Liked by 1 person

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