One little word 2016

Both my one little word for 2016 &
also a new occasional feature here
are the lovely term –

There are also some lovely links below.
. . .
MOMENTS collected in December by JGA
MOM Annino serves her Sicilian stuffing of perfectly seasoned ground beef & rice
GARDEN-clogging past the front-step toad
FIRST-time learner! I now unzip the big purple red ball to share & devour the arils of the French fruit, grenade, a giant pomegranate berry splash zone! (scroll to 2nd item…)
OUR daughter’s moist golden ring cake of dried papaya, cherries, pecans & cashews
MY hubby finding dolphins as they charge & devour fish caught behind a sand bar in Ochlockonee Bay (Tampa’s SaltStrong’s video – it looked just like this!)
LEAVING extra postage stamps on the P.O. packaging counter, various walks to
our neighborhood USPS, in December
GINGER cat is back to his jumping, joyful self, after a worrisome muscle attack.
. . .

In February I plan to return here with January MOMENTS
. . .
The MOMENTS inspiration comes from an author
I was fortunate to meet in 2015, after following along
in social media for some time.
You may have guessed she is the smile-spreading Irene Latham.
She writes beautifully, for adults and children.

Next month you can put on a parka for one of her new books,
WHEN THE SUN SHINES ON ANTARCTICA, And Other Poems from the Frozen Continent.

by Irene Latham illustrations by Anna Wadham

by Irene Latham
illustrations by Anna Wadham

After this Antarctica book has me fluffing up
my feathers for warmth up against a picture
book shiver – I can develop goose bumps
at 50 degrees – I’ll be taking my market basket out to carry her
FRESH! DELICIOUS! Poems from the Farmer’s Market.

(Maybe there’s a pomegranate poem in there.)

So, my occasional MOMENTS blog here at Bookseedstudio
is inspired by Irene’s Live Your Poem blog listing of experiences
that elicit her gratitude.

If you like the idea of thinking further about the magnitude
of our Moments,
you may want to visit with two more muses:
MUSICIAN Velma Frye’s original poem song, “Moments,”
from the album/CD I AM TO SOMEONE. (Proud that two
comments of praise for her talents at this site are quotes from my magazine feature.)
ACTOR/performer Roberto Benigni, having the best MOMENT,
with life, with his favorite poets, with love! Settle in -not to miss.

APPRECIATIONS to you for sharing your moments with me here this year.

MOMENTS & Poetry Friday
I’m content to find MOMENT as this year’s guiding word, my first Poetry Friday OWL (one little word)
If you want to read more about Poetry Friday, this article is for you.
AND here is the Poetry Friday organizing plan in 2016.

13 thoughts on “One little word 2016

  1. Not sure if my comment was swallowed by WordPress or awaiting moderation, but I’ll try again just in case. Moments is a wonderful choice for a OLW, Jan. They are so important to us as poets and deserve to be celebrated, as you have chosen to do on your blog. I look forward to celebrating many inspired moments with you this year!


  2. Oooh, I like that OLW— Moments. They are so important to a poet, aren’t they? How wonderful that you have chosen to actively celebrate your OLW each month with your new blog feature! I look forward to sharing many inspired moments with you this year, Jan.


  3. I’m finishing up my ‘reading’ moments for the day, Jan, reading early and late. I love that you share those tiny moments, and love reading about them. It is the ‘little things’ that make our lives worth a lot, and using “moment” as your OLW will guide you well all year.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Becoming more aware of the gifts of moments that meander my way has created an unexpected glow to the start of the 1st month of the new year.
      And I am always so happy & grateful to find your kind moment here, taken away from your creative & bizee world, Linda.
      Happy end of January!


  4. MOMENTS is a wonderful OLW choice and I’m glad that you’re planning to share more of your moments with us. It’s so important for us to be present in our lives as much as possible, and that means appreciating things that happen in our day to day lives. We’re such a rushed society that we let too many good things slip by unacknowledged. I do like that your December list includes some foodie items :).

    Liked by 1 person

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