If books and pens and words are your loves, you
have likely scheduled in time to find & see
the film about the Pakastani child, a girl of 12,
who was shot in the brain, on her school bus.

For the crime of being a girl, for going to school.

She lived.

And the film, HE NAMED ME MALALA
just completed an advance screening for students
of Florida State University. My husband is on the
faculty of the law school & we were privileged to
attend & to listen to the panel, afterwards.

This is not a column where I recommend movies. But.
This documentary was sold out, with tickets grabbed
days in advance by the students. And for good reason.

Books, literature & the freedeom to speak are woven
through this story that manages to be elegantly told.
It is about an entire family, & a daughter’s
bond with her father.
This young woman (she is now about 18) is
likely to lead us as a world people the rest of her
life. I hope to hear her speak in person some day.
We are fortunate she walks the Earth.

If you know of sites relating to her story, I’m
pleased to have you share them here or on my fb page
on twitter, or thru email. jgaoffice at


Sites to see


More on Jeanette Winter’s double book, MALALA & IQBAL




2 thoughts on “Malala

    • Appreciations, Adrian for these true words.
      What stays with me is the young age at which Malala Yousafzai began defying the men of her village – named Swat (ironically). She was about 12. And about 16 when she became a Nobel winner.


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